Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kenthriss, the Messenger

A shadowy figure who met Citlali and her party at the Inn of Bountiful Harvest on Xaltocan. Kenthriss is the retainer of Warlord Gevis, one of the most powerful warlords on Hawkbeak.

As requested by my friend WarpCrab1.

The outfit is slightly modified from the version that appears in the story. I didn't like the way the sleeves looked on the original version.

Eyes are a recolor of the demon eye by Aneh, used respecting her policy
Lashes by Bruno (MTS2 is down and I can't post the link), used respecting the original creator's policy.
Skin is a modified version of a skin by Sunken-Woglinde. I can't find the original skin anywhere. Skin respects the original creator's policy.
The hood accesory is by SynapticSim, packaged respecting the original creator's policy.
The outfit is by Darth Fubar. The original creator's policy seemed a bit harsh; and it would be nearly impossible to contact him/her. He/she hasn't logged into MTS since 2007. If this is your creation and you don't like that I'm redistributing it, sue me.

Kenthriss, the Messenger

Won't be re-posting on ST2BG since it doesn't fully comply with the site's guidlines. Hope you like it.

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