Monday, July 4, 2011

Keeve, Melana, and Fermik

A team of adventurers who came to Grak'Go'Kor in search of new horizons. Keeve and Melana are childhood friends; Fermik joined them shortly after the Battle of Blue Heaven.

They all come unstretched. Keeve and Fermik are slightly above average height, stretch them to 1.02. Melana's height is best at about .96

Fermik comes packaged with the required accesory recolors, but you'll also need the meshes (included in the file) to get the accesories to display correctly. The original textures and meshes are by two very talented creators: generalzoi and NixNivis. I did almost nothing: I moved a couple of sliders around in PhotardShop. All credit for the awesomeness of the recolors belongs to the original creators, and thank you for your generous TOU.

Keeve's CCs

Melana's CCs

Fermik's CCs


Eyes are Maxis
Hair by Rose Sims 2 (paysite link), Arrr, matey! it here: PMBD
Clothes by Saturn Space

Lipstick, lashes, eyes, and brows by Bruno
Skintone by Louis@SimCribbling
Hair by Coolsims
Clothes by [FadeToBlack]

Eyes by Pickpock
Arm, face, and head fins are a recolor of an accesory by generalzoi (meshes included)
Antenna is a recolor of an accesory by NixNivis (meshes included)
Skintone by Astiees
Clothes by Maxis

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