Friday, July 1, 2011

Lamira Indahal & Theli Zh'Nas

A merchant captain and her co-pilot, they hooked up with Jethro in a hot 3-way. Here they are, still in search of adventure.
Nothing special here. I'm not sure what happened to Lamira's original hair, I packaged her with a slightly different hair. Thanks to all the talented creators who made this possible.

They come unstretched. I recommend about .97 for Lamira. Theli's a bit shorter, about .95.

Lamira's CC's

Theli's CC's


Lipstick and eyes by Bruno
Blush by Barcelonista
Eyelashes by GE @ E-studio. The site is dead, you can find most of her stuffz here: Ephemera
Eyebrows by Anva
Trill skin by Nextor Torres
Hair by Peggysims (payiste link). Arr, matey! it here: PMBD
Top and Bottom by [FadeToBlack]

Brows by Ga-Laxy
Face makeup by Rensim. The site seems to be dead, most of the creator's stuffz is available here: Rensim Downloads. Thanx to Sawcat for the link.
Moar face makeup by A.S.K. (homepage), atomicspacekitty (MTS link)
Even moar face makeup by Navatsea
Eyes and lipstick by Bruno
Andorian antennae by NixNivis
Andorian skintone by Getagirl/ Darth Geta
Hair by Raon Sims (paysite link) Arrr, matey! it here: PMBD
Top and bottom by Shatarja

Lamira Indahal

Theli Zh'nas

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