Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Breen, Part 1- The Silwaan

This is a new project I'm working on. Since reading about the Breen in Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game, I've been interested in creating the Breen for Sims 2.

In Zero Sum Game, we learn that the Breen are not of a single race but a confederacy of several races. The individual's identity is kept a secret from society; only the Breen Intelligence Directorate and the individual's immediate family are aware of his/her race. This is ostensibly to prevent prejudice; as no one knows the identity of the individual, social standing and advancement are base on individual merit and not race.

 I recently learned to make accessories with the help of the immensely talented NixNivis. I created a Breen helmet accessory for ages Toddler-Elder, and mess of clothing and accessory recolors.

 The Silwaan are one of the founding races of the Breen Confederacy.  They are humanoids with dark, bronze-colored skin, white or silver hair, and green or blue eyes.

The adults are dressed in technicians' suits. This is a simple recolor of the Maxis jumpsuit.

The belt is a recolor of >SynapticSim's utility belt. The mesh comes included in the file. Here's a close-up.

The teen female comes dressed with a recolor of the D.O.M.E. teenager outfit from Sapphire Sims. I tried to find a link, but the site is dead.

The child clothing is a recolor of a mesh by McKnickers at AllAboutStyle. I couldn´t find any information about the toddler mesh.

This is what the Silwaan look like without the helmets. (Please note that as the hair doesn't fit under the helmets, I've packaged them with standard Breen skulcap hair)


Skin: Pixie Warmth by Enayla
Eyes: Adventure by Pickpock Sparkling Eyes by Bruno
Makeup by Bruno
Eyebrows by Ga-Laxy
Belt meshes by SynapticSim
Child mesh by All About Style

Silwaan Family 

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