Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Breen, Part 4- The Fenrisal

Since reading about the Breen in Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game, I've been interested in creating the Breen for Sims 2.

In Zero Sum Game, we learn that the Breen are not of a single race but a confederacy of several races. The individual's identity is kept a secret from society; only the Breen Intelligence Directorate and the individual's immediate family are aware of his/her race. This is ostensibly to prevent prejudice; as no one knows the identity of the individual, social standing and advancement are base on individual merit and not race.

The Fenrisal are one of the founding races of the Breen Confederacy. They are canoid-humanoids, and very wolflike in appearance. They typically have gold or brown fur.

The adult male and female are dressed in a recolor of Syn´s calf boot mesh.

The teen male is dressed in a recolor of the Free Time teen clothing. The child clothing is a recolor of a mesh by McKnickers at AllAboutStyle. I couldn´t find any information about the toddler mesh.

This is what the Fenrisal look like without the helmets (Hopefully completely unlike any of the other Breen races).

Here's a list of the custom content:

Eyes: Mayday Eyes- Demoneye 2 by Rensim
Fenrisal Skintone (a simple recolor of a skintone by Bobcatben), Breen Helmet, Breen Military Armor, Breen Skullcap, and Bracer recolors by me.
Furry skintones by Bobcatben
Body meshes and bracer mesh (included in file) by SynapticSim

Fenrisal Family (Warning: big file)

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