Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cargo Bay Series 4- Expansion 1

Happy Saturday, all.

This is a small set, intended to supplement my latest cargo bay series. It includes 3 new cargo modules and a smaller barrel rack to supplement the shelving units.

Each object family takes advantage of the repository technique. This means that the same set of recolors can be used on any object in the set (There are some caveats to this. Please see the details in each section). My main complaint about the repository technique is that if something happens to the master object, all the other object in the set become useless. I get frustrated by creators who don't explain this clearly in their posts. You have to re-download the entire set again. Not in this case. All the objects are clearly labeled MASTER or SLAVE, both in the .package's title and in the CTTS (in-game catalog description) so that you don't accidentally delete the wrong object.

Note: all files have been Compressorized.

Cargo Module 15

Classic VOY-style 2x1 cask. The band and the label are recolorable. The materials on this one are slightly different than Module 12; this one is completely semi-gloss (very low refelection) whereas the lid part of Module 12 was matte. Otherwise, the two modules are identical.

Important: This object is the master for Module 16. You need at least the master object for module 16 to appear correctly.

Price: §750
Polys: 1392 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: body/bands (semi-gloss) and cargo label (matte)
6 objects, 9 recolors

Cargo Module 16

Another VOY-style cargo container. It has dual compartments, most likely for isolating two different types of cargo.

Important: This object is completely slaved to Module 15.

Price: §750
Polys: 1064 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: base (semi-gloss) and cargo label (matte)
6 objects

Cargo Module 17

Romulan cargo cube. It comes in standard (1x2) and big (2x4) sizes. You need the master file to make all the others work.

Price: Standard §750, Big §3000
Polys: 1604 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: Barrel/lid (matte) and liquid (matte, invisible)
13 objects, 9 recolors

Short Barrel Rack

A 2-tier barrel rack. For when you just don't need so many barrels.

Important: These racks are slaved to the 1x1 shelving unit. You need to get them from THIS POST to make the racks appear correctly.

Price: Standard §300/ section
Polys: 1x1- 1152
1x2- 2024
1x3- 2896
1x4- 3768
Recolorable subsets: Base (matte)
4 objects

Here are the downloads. The collection files have been updated to include the new objects.

Cargo Bay Series 4- Expansion 1- Download from Box

Cargo Bay Series 4-Expansion 1-Download from MediaFire

Collection Files- Download from Box

Collection Files- Download from MediaFire

Please note: I strongly recommend the collection files. They organize the objects into freestanding, shelved, and shelving units, and make it easier to find the correct objects.

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