Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cargo Bay Series 4- Expansion 2

This is a big set, but only includes two object families. Cargo Module 18 is Olemantiker´s classic Space Center cargo box, resized and with a lot of new color options. Cargo Module 19 the most awesome case you´ll ever put in your game (See below for details).

As always, each object family takes advantage of the repository technique. This means that the same set of recolors can be used on any object in the set. To recolor, just extract a new recolor from the master objects and voila! You´ve recolored the whole set. My main complaint about the repository technique is that if something happens to the master object, all the other object in the set become useless. I get frustrated by creators who don't explain this clearly in their posts. You have to re-download the entire set again. Not in this case. All the objects are clearly labeled MASTER or SLAVE, both in the .package's title and in the CTTS (in-game catalog description) so that you don't accidentally delete the wrong object.

Note: all files have been Compressorized.

Cargo Module 18

Olemantiker's Space Center cargo boxused with permission, scaled, moved, and slaved. Comes in 2 sizes, freestanding and shelved. The original object can be found HERE.

Price: §750
Polys: 836 (low poly)
Recolorable subsets: frame (matte) and panels (matte)
12 objects, 9 recolors

Cargo Module 19

A cargo case. It comes in four distinct sizes and has a variety of Starfleet-themed recolors (perfect for medkits, toolkits, etc.). Standard, Open is the master object. All the sizes are mix-and-match and their heights line up with each other (except the upright cases), so the arrangements you can make with them are limited only by your imagination. Please note:

Standard: a big, squarish case. Its height is equal to two medium or three long/slim cases.

Medium: has the same length and width as the standard case, but only half the height. E.g. you can start a stack with Medium, Base and Medium, H1 and place Standard, H1 on top of them.

Slim: a scaled-down case. The length and width are both shorter than standard and medium cases. Three slim cases are exactly as high as a standard case.

Long: same width and height as the slim case, but twice as long. Three long cases are exactly as high as a standard case.

Price: Standard §400, Medium §200, Slim §150, Long §220
Polys: Open 1284, Closed 1106 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: base (semi-gloss) and cargo label (matte)
95 objects, 11 recolors

Here are the downloads. The collection files have been updated to include the new objects.

Cargo Bay Series 4- Expansion 2- Download from Box

Cargo Bay Series 4-Expansion 2-Download from MediaFire

Collection Files- Download from Box

Collection Files- Download from MediaFire

Please note: I strongly recommend the collection files. They organize the objects into freestanding, shelved, and shelving units, and make it easier to find the correct objects.


  1. This expansion is my favorite of the cargo bay series! Thank you!

    1. Yup. I really liked making all the wee cases.