Sunday, April 21, 2013


This is a small side project I've been working on. It's a set of accessories based on Cargo Module 19 (a deco object from THIS post). I'm still relatively new to accessory making and it took me about six tries to get the mesh right. I made several Starfleet-style recolors:an engineering toolkit, a case for scientific equipment, and a general-purpose case. Like most of my recent creations, its main purpose is for storytelling/screenshots, but it could concievably be used for regular gameplay as well.

Note: even after several attempts to re-mesh the mesh file, the top corner of the case still clips slightly into the sim's thigh when the sim stands naturally with arms at sides. Not recommended for larger (SBB, LBB, CPU, AG, BBG, etc.) sims.

This is how the cases look in Bodyshop:

This is how it looks in-game:

A note about posing:
When walking, the clipping is barely noticeable. This is also the case with most natural-ish, standing poses. I strongly using recommend NisNivis's Medical Posebox in conjunction with this accessory. The best combination I've found so far is one each of Hold Dermal Regenerator.../Hand Only and Hold Thrombic Modulator.../Hand Only. This turns the wrist slightly outward and closes the fingers.

That's all for now. Happy simming!

Cargo Module 19- Medkit- Download from MediaFire

Cargo Module 19- Medkit- Download from Box

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