Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cargo Bay Series 4- Expansion 4

Cualli teotlaktin, all.

This is another mixed set; it´s got a little of everything. It contains some brand new sizes for Cargo Module 9, plus three new object families and a new shelving unit. I thought Cargo Module 9 was incomplete without the upright, stacked canisters that appear in various TNG and DS9 cargo bays, so I made a huge expansion of it. I included freestanding stacks, shelved canisters, and some offset canisters for making TNG-style stacks (see the below pictures for details). Cargo Module 23 is a DS9-style chemical tank, in two sizes. It can be seen throughout DS9's run, but it's featured prominently in "Heart of Stone" (3x14). It has quite a sampling of recolors, both for the tank texture and the liquid inside. Module 24 was originally intended as an April 1st joke, but I didn't get it done in time. It's the Red Dwarf garbage pod (from "Playing God"). It comes with four recolors, from clean to ultra-smeggy. Module 25 is cooler-shaped case. It comes in three sizes. The short size is exactly half the height of the standard case, so they can be mixed and matched. The texture is kind of big because I wanted to get as much detail into the label as possible. Finally, I've included a Workbee cargo module, remeshed as a shelving unit.

As always, each object family takes advantage of the repository technique. This means that the same set of recolors can be used on any object in the set. To make a recolor, just extract a new recolor from the master objects and voila! You´ve recolored the whole set. My main complaint about the repository technique is that if something happens to the master object, all the other object in the set become useless. I get frustrated by creators who don't explain this clearly in their posts. You have to re-download the entire set again. Not in this case. All the objects are clearly labeled MASTER or SLAVE, both in the .package's title and in the CTTS (in-game catalog description) so that you don't accidentally delete the wrong object.

Note: all files have been Compressorized.

Cargo Module 9- Additional Sizes

Upright sizes for Cargo Module 9. Note: Requires the master files from the orignal set.

The content texture (inside the barrel) is slaved to Cargo Module 2. You must have the master files for Cargo Modules 2 and 9 for these objects to appear correctly in your game.Find them here: Cargo Bay Series 4

A note about placement: Size3 is big. If placed in a corner, it will clip into the wall. It placed next to another module, some clipping may occur. There are to easy fixes: use smaller objects or use boolprop snapObjectsToGrid false.

Price: Standard §400, Size2 §600, Size3 §800
Polys: Open 2334 , Closed 2296 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: Barrel/lid (matte) and liquid (matte, invisible)
19 objects

Cargo Module 23

Classic DS9-style chemical container. The standard-sized container is 2x1, and the big container is 2x3. Each recolor has a different chemical name. It's a bit hard to see, but the liquid inside the open containers is also recolorable.

Price: Standard §800, big §3000
Polys: Open 2488, Closed 2328 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: base (matte) and contents (matte, invisible)
6 objects, 13 recolors

Cargo Module 24

Red Dwarf cargo pod. It comes in two sizes: The standard-sized container is 2x1, and the big container is 2x3. A very unusual module.

Price: Standard §700, big §1500
Polys: Open 2138, closed 1880 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: base (matte) and garbage (matte)
6 objects, 4 recolors

Cargo Module 25

A clean, low-poly case. The heights line up perfectly, so it can be mixed and matched. I mapped it so that a lot of detail can be put into the label.

Price: Standard §250, short §125, long §500
Polys: 256 (low poly).
Recolorable subsets: base (matte)
36 objects, 4 recolors

Workbee Cargo Module

A cargo container, as seen towed by Workbees. The mesh was generously provided by Raul Mamoru at Trekmeshes and converted and remeshed by me.

On one of the recolors, the door is alpha'd out, so it appears as completely invisible. This allows you to stack objects inside it.

It can be used as deco, as well. The mesh lines up perfectly to the back of the tile, so you can place two back-to-back.

A note about placement: The walls are a bit narrow. With larger modules (snapped to grid), some clipping occurs. There are two easy fixes for this: use smaller modules or use boolprop snapObjectsToGrid false.

Price: §500
Polys: 274 (low poly).
Recolorable subsets: base (matte)
9 recolors

Here are the downloads. The collection files have been updated to include the new objects.

Cargo Bay Series 4- Expansion 4- Download from Box

Cargo Bay Series 4-Expansion 4- Download from MediaFire

Collection Files- Download from Box

Collection Files- Download from MediaFire

Please note: I strongly recommend the collection files. They organize the objects into freestanding, shelved, and shelving units, and make it easier to find the correct objects.


  1. The Workbee Cargo Modules Rock! Thank you!

    1. Yeah. I was pleased with this set. Wish I'd known then what I know about slots now; they could have been even more awesome.