Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cargo Modules Series 4- Expansion 5

Cualli tonaltin, all.

This is the penultimate set of modules in this series; for the time being, I've only got one more set to upload. There's a major caveat to this, however: I really like the modular shelving units in this set, so much so that I'm in the process of making a HUGE set of modular furniture based on the same mesh. It will be extensive (bedroom, kitchen, bath, etc.) and will probably be done over the next month or so.

This set includes two consoles in various sizes and heights, plus a great big update for the modular shelving units.

As always, each object family takes advantage of the repository technique. This means that the same set of recolors can be used on any object in the set. To make a recolor, just extract a new recolor from the master objects and voila! You´ve recolored the whole set. All the objects are clearly labeled MASTER or SLAVE, both in the .package's title and in the CTTS (in-game catalog description) so that you don't accidentally delete the wrong object.

Note: all files have been Compressorized.

Cargo Module 26

Cargo Module 5's round cousin. Just another barrel for your cargo bays. This is a seperate object family from cargo module 5; I lowered the shiny on the base texture to 5, 5, 5 (it tends to reflect more because it´s round) and sped up the animation material a bit.

Price: Standard §300, Tall §600
Polys: Open 2086 , Closed 1928 (medium poly)
Recolorable subsets: Base (semi-gloss) and lights (animated)
17 objects, 7 recolrs

Cargo Module 27

A spherical container. This one looks intentionally alien; it gives your cargo bays a non-starfleet look. The LCARS subset is animated and has Klingon, Gorn, Ferengi, Coatl, and Icthian color options. The barrel rack object has no legs and the display has been rotated so that it faces forward. I think it looks better that way.

It is a high-poly object, so be aware.

Price: Standard §450, tall §900
Polys: Open 4710, Closed 2662, Barrel 2278 (high poly)
Recolorable subsets: base (matte) and display (animated)
17 objects, 4 recolors

Enclosed Shelving Unit

An expansion of the modular shelving unit. Low, low poly. The upper units are place-anywhere. These units line up perfectly, so they can be mixed and matched, or combined with the regular shelving units.

Important:You must have at least the master file to get these to appear correctly in your game. Find it here: Cargo Bays Series 4

Price: Standard §250/ tile
Polys: Base 998
           Base, no glass 984
          Section 96
          Section, no glass 40
          Upper 32
          Upper, no glass 28
Recolorable subsets: base (matte), LCARS panel (backlit)
36 objects, 4 recolors

Here are the downloads. The collection files have been updated to include the new objects.

Cargo Bay Series 4- Expansion 5- Download from Box

Cargo Bay Series 4-Expansion 5- Download from MediaFire

Collection Files- Download from Box

Collection Files- Download from MediaFire

Please note: I strongly recommend the collection files. They organize the objects into freestanding, shelved, and shelving units, and make it easier to find the correct objects.


  1. The spherical ones are adorable! And I like the glass and no glass versions of the shelving! Thank you again!

    1. They are cute wee things, aren't they? I think the spheres are my favorite containers from this series. I've been thinking about redoing the cargo bay shelves with actual slots, but it's still on the back burner.