Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tools Series 2- Cases

This is a small set, intended to complement the Medkit accessory I made recently. Essentially, I took the accessory, turned it on its side, opened it, and filled it with tools. The set includes four objects and a collection file.

Note: These are all extremely high-poly (5000+), single-tile objects. Slower systems may have trouble rendering them. Use at your own discretion.

This is how the kits look from behind. The original shape is from Cargo Module 19, I just scaled it down.

The engineering toolkit contains (from top clockwise) a quantum flux regulator, Mark IV, an isometric circuitry analyzer/fuser, an ODN recoupler, an interphasic coil spanner, and a Mark X tricorder.

The medkit contains (from top clockwise) a thrombic modulator, a hypospray, a dermal regenerator, a laser scalpel, and a Mark X tricorder.

The science kit contains (from top clockwise) a spectograph, a barometric analyzer, a Mark X tricorder, specimen vials, and a radiation detector (the tools aren't really Trek canon, but I needed something to fill up the case)

That's it for now. Sooner or later, I may add some new tools to the collection.

Here are the downloads.

Tools Series 2- Cases- Download from Box 

Tools Series 2- Cases- Download from MediaFire

Collection Files- Download from Box

Collection Files- Download from MediaFire

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