Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Headwraps for bald sims, Pt. 1

So yeah, it’s been a while. First, I’m sorry I haven’t been feeling very creative lately. I kind of hit a wall with my modular furniture sets. Hopefully, I’ll get back to making them again soon. Thanks for your patience.

Second, Bodyshop stuff isn’t really my thing. I’ve created a few clothing items and accessories, but I’m not really a Bodyshopper. This isn’t really my work; all I did was take one creator’s hair and apply another creator’s Photoshop actions to it.

The inspiration for this project came when writing my story. A good part of the characters in my story are from alien races and don’t have hair or body hair. That means a lot of bald sims. I’m a big fan of AlmightyHat’s stuff and I use it regularly in my game. In one post, Hat converted a bunch of hats/headwraps other creators had made into more basic textures for the game. There are quite a few grays, browns, tans, and off-whites. My biggest concern was that there’s a limit to the types of clothing that can be mixed and matched with these colors. It would be difficult to coordinate, say, with a blue dress. So to make Hat’s stuff more versatile, I applied CuriousB’s Any Color You Like actions to them.

All three of these wrap/scarf type things appear with the custom hair. Meshes are included. Trapping's headwrap has had the bangs alpha'd out, because I use these hairs primarily for bald sims. Enjoy.

ClubKitty's Hijab 

Trapping's 3to2 Headwrap

Trapping's Bundled Beanie

Download from Box:

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  1. J is back in action. Yay!

  2. Hi, I want the last one for male. Do you have?

    1. As far as I know, the hair mesh hasn't been converted to male. I don't know how difficult it would be to convert.

  3. Very nice model..thaks alot.