Saturday, May 24, 2014

Headwraps for bald sims, Pt. 2 (Plus added bonus- Monk's robe)

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get the second up. I've had a lot of RL stuff to deal with and so I haven't really had the time to mess with it

Bodyshop stuff isn’t really my thing. I’ve created a few clothing items and accessories, but I’m not really a Bodyshopper. This isn’t really my work; all I did was take one creator’s hair and apply another creator’s Photoshop actions to it.

The inspiration for this project came when writing my story. A good part of the characters in my story are from alien races and don’t have hair or body hair. That means a lot of bald sims. While I was doing the first set, I came across some nice converted headwraps by Theraven at Moonlight Dragon Sims: HERE and HERE. It looked like something I'd be interested in converting, so I blacked out the hair alphas and applied CuriousB’s Any Color You Like actions.

There's a nice set of plainish dresses for nuns in ACYL and some other recolors by Lady_Lochlane over at Plumb Bob Keep, and I thought it would be cool if the guy sims had some monk's robes to accompany them, so I converted Aligeth's monk's robe to ACYL, too.

The male and female hair are for toddler-elder. The robe is for YA-A-E males. I compressorized the files, but they're still kind of big. Enjoy.

Theraven 3to2 Headwrap- Female 

Theraven 3to2 Headwrap- Male

Aligeth's Monk's Robe

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