Friday, November 28, 2014

Project 2395- Boot Separates (SynapticSim's Biker Boots as an accessory)

This is a new, streamlined set of 2395-ish uniforms and gear I'm working on, and I'll be uploading it periodically over the next few months. I'm a huge fan of SynapticSim's S.H.I.E.L.D uniform meshes and use them frequently, but there are only about nine body sizes to choose from. Up until now, it has,t been possible to combine them with the Maxis adult or teen male meshes, for example. So I extracted the meshes, tweaked them a bit, and presto! a boot that can be combined with a wider variety of body sizes. It uses the same UV map as Syn's original boot, so recoloring is a snap. The Maxis elder female mesh doesn't work very well with this mesh, but since I have other body sizes in this age group that work well with the mesh, I left the mesh enabled.

The mesh has been tweaked to work with Maxis blockfeet and Bloom's sexyfeet. It works well with nude meshes for creating skin tight outfits. I haven't done a whole lot of testing, but I'm sure that it can be combined with other clothing as well.

Project 2395 is made with a custom Body Shop icon and has its own category in the catalog. The icon goes in your Downloads folder. The new accessories appear in your catalog AFTER the standard custom content.

Here are the downloads. Enjoy.

Download from Box:
Project 2395- Boots Separates
Project 2395- Body Shop Icon

Download from MediaFire: 
Project 2395- Boots Separates
Project 2395- Body Shop Icon

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