Friday, October 16, 2015

Outdoor Adventures- Motorsports Outfits

Here's a big set of outfits to complement the accessories I uploaded last week. They're BMX/ ATC ATV/ snowmobile outfits, in 6 colors and 17 sizes. The adult sizes are available for Young Adult, Adult, and Elder.

Included in the download is a mesh pack, with all the necessary messages. Permission has been given to redistribute.

Mylochka for the original textures, adapted by me.
Marvine for the Athlete, Slim bodybuilder, Bodybuilder Huge Bodybuilder, Athletic Girl, and Bodybuilder Girl body sizes, and for the base meshes for the Lean Bodybuilder and Teen Lean Bodybuilder sizes
Warlokk for the Fashion Model, Rio, and Classic Pinup body sizes
poppeboy for the FitChick body size
Bloom for the blockfoot meshes for the maxis sizes
sussifriberg for the Sussi body size

As with the accessories, the outfits are categorized with the Outdoor Adventures custom Bodyshop icon. These clothes appear AFTER all of the custom clothing in your catalog, just before the Maxis clothing.

And here are the downloads:

Download from Box:
Outdoor Adventures- Motorsports Outfits


  1. Cool ! I like those outfit. Thanks to share.
    Moreover I would like to know how you set a custom Bodyshop icon : which tutorial do you used ?

  2. Thank you. The best tutorial available is here: It's Tutorial 4 on the list. Unfortunately, I've only published it in Spanish and I never got around to translating it.

    There's also a good tutorial explaining how to do it here:

    Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for your fast answer.
    I'll try both, even though I've not practice spanish for awhile ...

  4. Pretty outfit.
    And the idea of categorizing icons is great.
    Thanks for sharing the tip.

    1. I'm glad you like it, and I hope the tutorial is useful.

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