Monday, October 17, 2016

The Armory- Tourney Poses and Extras

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this set. Unforeseen RL setbacks, forum drama, and general lazieness are to blame.

This is a new set of poses designed specifically for use with my new Tourney Accessories set. There are 14 joust poses, 10 archery poses, 13 melee poses, and 10 unarmed poses, all useable by right- or left-handed Sims. Also included with the posebox are a special posing object (SMSP) for horses and riders, and a special bridle for use with the jousting poses.


NixNivis for the training swords. (Must be downloaded separately)

Dragon Slave for the original horses.

Feenwald for the riding set (including the saddle, saddle blanket, and original bridle).

The Plumbbob Tourney Faire Grounds lot is by Herr Burgermeister.

Heavy picspam behind the cut!

Posing with the SMSP

The SMSP (six more slot package) is a special object that allows you to stack the horse, bridle, saddle blanket, saddle and rider on the same tile, and easily move the entire stack. To use the SMSP, follow these steps:

1. Select the pose and color of your horse. Place the horse on the SMSP.

2. Stack the saddle blanket and tourney bridle on the SMSP. Select the "Attach to Horse" option for each object.

3. Enter the cheat code "move_objects on". Place your Sim (equipped with lance of choice) in the saddle slot.

4. Stack the saddle on the SMSP. Select the "Attach to Horse" option on the saddle. Pose the Sim and add your favorite face overlay.

5. Grab the SMSP and position it wherever you'd like it. Recolor it so that it's invisible.

Here's an example of the SMSP with all the objects stacked on it.

Here's a catalog of the poses:

Note: The first twelve poses use the slot on Feenwald's saddle and the SMSP. The last two poses are at ground height and use a regular OMSP.

Note: The drawing poses use the "Carrying" bow accessory. All of the other poses use the "Nocked" bow accessory.

Note: Theses poses use NixNivis's training swords and the tourney shield. The training swords must be downloaded separately.

Note: Nothing special here. Just good old-fashioned fisticuffs.

That's all, folks.

Download from Sim File Share:

The Armory- Tourney Poses and Extras


  1. What a great work! The tournament can begin. Jason, thank you for this amazing work and your beautiful pictures.

    1. Yes! I really want to load up the lot and do a fully fleshed out tourney scene for my story, complete with spectators and contenders, hawkers and performers. Just haven't found the time.

  2. Absolutely brilliant set Jason. I think I need to get on those tournament helmets I found from one of the M&B mods?!

    1. Thank you. Me, too. I've been looking at M&B and Skyrim mods on the Nexus, trying to find something I can convert easily. Sooner or later, I'm going to do a whole mess of helmets for The Armory. Just so that there's a proper variety of helmets for gallant knights.