Friday, November 18, 2016

Big is Beautiful Part 1

Happy Friday, everybody!

This is a side project I've been working on, on and off, for a while. I absolutely love the FrannySim's Momma Lisa body size. A short time ago, I needed a Momma Lisa-sized dress for a couple of characters in my story. I grabbed one of tiggerypum's already amazing Rengal dress meshes, did some tweaking, and finally managed to make a passable mesh. After some time, I smoothed out the mesh a bit and worked on the final version.

Today, I present a Momma Lisa layered medieval dress, in some of my favorite textures.

tiggerypum for the original mesh
iamliz for the basic, peasant, and noble textures
andavri for the Shut Up and Drive textures

I had to do some cutting and pasting to get them to fit on the new mesh. Shut Up and Drive is one of my all-time favorite texture sets, and I sincerely hope I did them justice. As with all Momma Lisa meshes, there is some clipping. I did the best I could to smooth the mesh, but the butt still looks a bit lumpy.

These are how the dresses look in game:

I created two versions: BSOK'd and Tooltip'd. The BSOK version gives the dresses a custom icon and places them in the same place in the catalog as the other Momma Lisa clothing. The tooltip version isn't sorted in the catalog, and has a tooltip descrition of each dress instead of a custom icon.

Download from Sim File Share:

Download from Sim file share:


  1. Momma Lisa is my favourite bodyshape! I am over the moon right now!

    1. I really like Momma Lisa, too. It's one of my favorite sizes. It's a shame there isn't a whole lot of medieval-ish clothes.