Friday, December 2, 2016

Big Is Beautiful Part 3

Happy Friday, everybody!

Continuing with my Momma Lisa stuff, I present another set of dresses. I've used Wawa's Shapely curves for my Rengal sims for a while. This is an absolutely beautiful set; it has a LOT of different dress patterns for Cynnix's gothic sleeve mesh. I cannot heap high enough praise on this set; it is one of my all-time favorite clothing sets and I use it constantly in my story.

Anyway, here's my attempt to convert the dresses to Momma Lisa. I spent a lot of hours stretching and smoothing, but:

1. Body meshing isn't my strong suit


2. Because the boobs and butt are SOOOO different, it was hard to get the approximate Momma Lisa shape with this mesh.

There are a few parts of the mesh I wasn't happy with, but I did my level best and I think overall it looks nice. Made for YA-Elder, in everyday, formal, and outerwear.

I included tooltip'd and BSOK'd versions. The BSOK version gives the dresses a custom icon and places them in the same place in the catalog as the other Momma Lisa clothing. The tooltip version isn't sorted in the catalog, and has a tooltip descrition of each dress instead of a custom icon.

The file is around 50 megs, so please be patient.

Wawa for all the Shapely Curves patterns.
Cynnix for the RenGal V2-Gothic Sleeve Gown w/FR's Poulaines.

These are how the dresses look in game:

Download from sim file share:


  1. It looks fabulous, Jason! And I personally think that your meshing skills are great! Thank you for these wonderful clothes! :)