Friday, December 16, 2016

The Armory- The Best Defense

Happy holidays, all.

Here's a new set of 22 shields for your sim armory. As always, they're made for teen-elder, for both genders, and for both hands. They can be used along with other Armory accessories, or with NixNivis's original swords. The Skyrim shields were already converted by the talented Lady Lochlane; all I had to do was refoobulate the size of the handles a bit so that they fit better in the Sims' hands. The Witcher shields are perfect for designing your own heraldry; instead of mirroring the mesh for the left side, I cloned the meshes and mover the shield part over, so that whatever texture is applied to the right shield, appears exactly the same on the left shield.

As a bonus, each accessory comes with a custom Body Shop thumbnail and clearly marked tooltip for easy identification.


Lady Lochlane for converting the Skyrim shields to Sims 2

redxavier for the Witcher shields

SpiderAkiraC for the shield textures

Heavy picspam behind the cut!

Here are the Skyrim shields in game:

Here are the Witcher shields in game. They can be recolored with your own heraldry.

And finally, here are the Oblivion shields in game.

These are the thumbnails in CAS:

Download from Sim File Share:

The Armory- Skyrim shields

The Armory- Witcher shields

The Armory- Oblivion shields

The Armory- All shields


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  2. I deleted my original comment because I was going to ask you to pick out helmets you would like for each shield/sword combo, only to find out they generally have one helmet! Then for some of the Oblivion helmets, I couldn't find the textures because the naming doesn't always correspond with the mesh names. So, I did extract the meshes/textures for some of them. I will try to make them as accessories to go with this great set. Now, we need to find someone who can recreate the armours for us all :P

    1. Hi, Wawa. I actually have a whole bunch of extracted meshes from Skyrim, Oblivion, Witcher III, M&B, a few from Turbosquid and TF3DM. I just struggle with finding the time to make them all.

      I was also seriously thinking about rebinning and changing the sort order of Hat's Magneto/Polaris helmets, remaking Cynnix's wide-brimmed helmet as an accessory, and rebinning a few others, so that they can be used with the set as well. They're really nicely made, but it drives me nuts that they're binned for all categories, so even when the sim is in the shower on swimming, the helmet is on.

    2. Also (and I know this is a massive undertaking) I wanted to convert the Maxis knight helmet to an accessory. I tried to puzzle out how you did your armor recolors at Medieval Smithy, but it's still not clear to me. It would be neat to make helmets to match those armors, but that don't appear when the sim is in swimwear, underwear, etc.

      I think that the issue with Oblivion is that not all the armors have helmets/weapons that correspond to the. Regardless, I have a whole bunch of Skyrim, Oblivion, and miscellaneous weapons I want to add eventually.

    3. And before I forget, I have a tutorial for custom thumbnails, but right now it's only in Spanish. Someday, when I'm not so overwhelmed with other projects, I plan to rewrite it in English.

      There's a good, basic thumbnail tutorial here:

      Thumbnails are handy for accessories that don't go on the sim's head, and they're really easy to make once you get the hang of them.

  3. Thanks for that link. I will give it a browse later. I could try to make the helmet as an accessory? Not sure if I can extract it from the game. Never tried. Probably because there are so many others from the other games that would be the same. Just have to re-adjust the visors lol.

  4. I love these shields! They're beautifully detailed, and even can help you create opposing armies in some medieval fantasy battle story. The Skyrim Fur Shield in particular reminds me of the dragon scale shield from the movie "Dragonslayer." Others remind me of Lord of the Rings. Awesome work ;).

    1. *Whistles softly* Dragonslayer? That's a classic. I love that movie.

      I'm glad you like them. I really can't take much of the credit. Lady Lochlane did an amazing job converting the Skyrim shields, and the original creators on Nexus made the other shields possible. Still, I hope you enjoy them.

  5. What can I say? My brother and I were born in the 80s and were raised in the 90s by two parents who loved sci-fi and fantasy. Heck, I think we have it on DVD ;).

    We're still recovering all our fave movies into DVD format after mom threw out like...200-300 videotapes back in 2005. I'm still a little bit unhappy over that b/c she didn't give a chance for us to fish out videos that can't be replaced, like the talent show I sang in when I was 6, or some other home-made films. Oh well *shrugs.* Most of it, though, was movies and tv shows we taped off of HBO in the 80s and regular cable over the past few decades. On the bright side, the DVD picture is much less fuzzy than the tapes.