Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Armory- Protect ya Neck, Part 1

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

This is the first of probably four medium-sized helmet accessory dumps. The set includes four new meshes, a few recolors, and an edit of Almighty Hat's Magneto/Polaris helmets. This set is both genders, for YA-Elder only; I tried to convert the Maxis OFB helmets to teen, but they were giving me fits. As the helmets are easy to see in CAS, I didn't make custom thumbnails this time.

Details for each individual helmet below.


Cynnix for the original conversion of the TSM guard helmet.

Meshy for the helmet recolors (I couldn't find a link anywhere! They're recolors of decat's OFB knight statue).

Hriveresse for the original mesh for the conical helmet (Pilos).

BearTrapTree for the Pilos recolors that I used for textures.

Almighty Hat for the Magnusson/Polaris helmets.

Heavy picspam behind the cut!