Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Armory- Protect ya Neck, Part 1

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

This is the first of probably four medium-sized helmet accessory dumps. The set includes four new meshes, a few recolors, and an edit of Almighty Hat's Magneto/Polaris helmets. This set is both genders, for YA-Elder only; I tried to convert the Maxis OFB helmets to teen, but they were giving me fits. As the helmets are easy to see in CAS, I didn't make custom thumbnails this time.

Details for each individual helmet below.


Cynnix for the original conversion of the TSM guard helmet.

Meshy for the helmet recolors (I couldn't find a link anywhere! They're recolors of decat's OFB knight statue).

Hriveresse for the original mesh for the conical helmet (Pilos).

BearTrapTree for the Pilos recolors that I used for textures.

Almighty Hat for the Magnusson/Polaris helmets.

Heavy picspam behind the cut!

Maxis OFB Knight helmet

I extracted the Maxis knight helmet and redid it as an accessory.

Pros: If can be used with casual, formal, gym clothes, and outerwear without having to reset the sim's hairstyle. In the furture, I plan to match it to Wawa's armor textures.

Cons: None, really. It's kind of redundant because the helmets already exist as hairstyles.

TSM Kettle helm

This was originally done by Cynnix as a hair. I remeshed it, changed the position and the length of the strap slightly, and made it an accessory for both genders.

Pros: If can be used in conjunction with the "Set hairstyle by outfit" feature to use with a limited variety of hairstyles. I enabled the environment cube in the TXMT, so the metal has a slightly reflective, more realistic look.It won't appear when the Sims are in swimwear, PJs, or underwear.

Cons: Because I had to lift it up a bit to get it to work with longer hairstyles, it looks a bit off with bald or closely-cropped hair. Its range is a bit limited; most hairstyles cause clipping.

Hriveresse Conical Hat

Hriveresse made this as an accessory a long time ago, and BearTrapTree made some very nice medieval-ish recolors. I remapped the original mesh, made it slightly wider and longer, and enabled it for both genders.

Pros: I made it Alpha-editable, so only one mesh is needed. You can Alpha out the crest if you don't need it. If can be used in conjunction with the "Set hairstyle by outfit" feature to use with a limited variety of hairstyles. I enabled the environment cube in the TXMT, so the metal has a slightly reflective, more realistic look.It won't appear when the Sims are in swimwear, PJs, or underwear.

Cons: It only works with a limited range of hairstyles. Most hairs clip into the mesh.

Almighty Hat Magnusson/Polaris edits

I don't claim any of this work as my own. All credit goes to Almighty Hat. The pics of the original helmets can be found by following the original link.

Hat made this wonderful set of helmets a while ago, and I happen to think they're really well done. Additional credit goes to SynapticSim for the meshes and Marja for the original texture.

The thing that troubled me specifically about the original helmets was that they weren't categorized correctly, so the Sims wore them all the time. Sleeping in PJs? Helmet. Swimming in the ocean? Helmet. Butt naked in the shower? Helmet.

So essentially I manually edited three parameters on each package, and kept everything else the same:
XMOL: Changed the category to 0x00001327 (casual, formal, gym clothes, and outerwear)
XMOL. Changed the bin to 0x0007465B (now an Armory helmet; can't be used at the same time as other Armory helmets)
BINX: Changed the sortindex so that they now appear in the same place in the catalog as the other Armory helmets

These are the thumbnails in CAS (I didn't include the edited Hat helmets):

A note about recoloring:
I enabled the shiny bits on the recolors I made. You can clone the edited recolors to make your own shiny helmets. A couple of things for recolorers to keep in mind:

1. This line controls the "level" of reflection in the environment cube. You can enter higher or lower values to mess with the reflectivity of the object.

2. Body Shop will chew up your textures and spit them out, so every time you make a new recolor, it's necessary to go back to the Categorized Properties tab and manually edit this line. If it isn't changed back to "reflectionsilver-envcube" or some other default Maxis environment cube setting, the reflectivity will be disabled.

Download from Sim File Share:


  1. Jason, I downloaded this but it isn't any type of file that the computer recognizes :P .
    It's neither a .package file or .rar file, just a blank file?

    1. Hmmm... That's very odd. I checked both links, even logging out of Sim File Share and re-downloading. For me, they download as .rar files. I'm not sure what the issue is. Have you tried to re-download using a different browser or cleared your cache of cookies/ temporary internet files?


    I was able to grab it using IE. Firefox would only provide this. The second download link works fine in Firefox though. I even cleared everything.

    1. Any ideas why it might show that? I'm not THAT savvy in computerese I'm afraid lol

    2. I couldn't tell you exactly what happened, as I wasn't able to replicate it. The two most likely causes are:

      1. Your internet connectivity was interrupted during the download, causing the files not to download completely/correctly, and they were corrupted.

      2. There's something in your Firefox cache preventing you from downloading. Every time you visit a new page, your PC stores the page information as a cookie so that it can be loaded more quickly on your next visit. These little turds get stored on your hard drive, and if not cleared out semi-regularly, can cause weird things like pages not loading correctly, being unable to download, and so on.