Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Armory- Protect ya Neck, Pt. 2

I'm extremely sorry for my recent lack of productivity. The temperature has shot up here in the last few weeks, and I get wicked bad insomnia when it's hot. Lack of sleep coupled with trying to produce shit simultaneously for the family-friendly blog, the adult blog, and the Kingdom of Colton story blog have spread my creative energies thin. Anyway, I finally finished this part of the project for the enjoyment of your pixelated action figures. It's a set of 17 helmet conversions from Skyrim, both as accessories and as deco clutter.


All of the textures except for the imperial helmets were extracted from Book of Silence by aMidianBorn and caBal. This is my absolute favorite armor retexture ever.

The light imperial helmet texture is from aMidianBorn Imperial Light and Studded, also by aMidianBorn and Cabal.

The medium and heavy Imperial helmet textures are part of XRC HD Imperial Armory by XRC.

The full Imperial helmet texture is from HQ Imperial Helmet by Paddyy.

The meshes used on the Nord plate helmet, ebony helmet, Imperial full helmet, Stormcloak guard helmet, and open-faced Stormcloak guard helmet are from Improved closedfaced helmets by navida1.

Heavy picspam behind the cut!

Skyrim helmets

I extracted most of the helmets from vanilla Skyrim (I hate the dwarven helmet because it looks stupid, and I didn't mess with the dragonbone helmet). I really had to refoobulate the meshes to make them fit Sim-shaped head. Even so, there may be some clipping if your Sim has extremely pronounced facial features. As these are accessories, a very limited number of hairstyles can be used with them, but in the pictures below Josric and Isolde tested the helmets using bald heads.

These are the thumbnails in CAS (I didn't include the edited Hat helmets):

Skyrim deco helmets

The same helmets, but as deco objects. Great for blacksmiths and armorer's shops. I also included a collection file so that they can be located easily.

That's all for now, fellow Simmers. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Download from Sim File Share:


  1. awesome thank you
    Please if you know where I can get this helmet I would appreciate it

  2. h t t p ://s778.photobucket.com/user/hat-plays-sims/media/LessBeheadableCombo.jpg.html

  3. These are just so cool!

    My favorite is that bear one. I love that you made deco versions of these.

    1. Yup. I like the look of the bear hat, too. Ideal for savage barbarians or rugged frontiersmen.