Friday, September 22, 2017

Midnight at the Decontamination Chamber

Happy Friday, All.


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. My original vision was much like Modular Furniture Series 4. The difference is that whereas MFS4 was utopian and clean-ish, Midnight is more gritty, for creating sinister, dystopian sets. The objects are made from scratch by me, and thoroughly tested.

This in a small set of buy and build mode objects to complement Midnight at the Quartermaster, Part 1. It builds on, and is slaved to the base textures of, Midnight at the Cryo Lab.

The file includes:

Build and Buy Mode: A one-tile bench, a two-tile bench, a door and two windows (The windows have diagonal objects, but I didn't make one for the door; no matter how I did it, the diagonal door just didn't look good), Three showers, three one-tile armoires, and a custom six-tile armoire

Recolors: Recolors of the glass and monitor textures from Midnight at the Cryo Lab.

And of course a collection file.

I've included the master objects for the base and monitor textures in a separate folder. You don't need them if you already have Midnight at the Cryo Lab installed.


SynapticSim for the original deco uniform objects and for providing permission to share them.

atavera for the original sonic shower object

MorBius for the original safety gear models

Warning: Heavy Picspam ahead

The Buy/Build Mode objects

Control Console

Catalog: Electronics/Misc. §2165

Function: Deco

Polys: High

Recolorable subsets: base, monitor

Egghead stuff: It's basically a deco object. I didn't make a separate pose for it. The first main cryo console pose from Midnight at the Cryo Lab works really well if you move it a quarter tile to the left..

Decontamination Shower

Catalog: Electronics/Misc. §1000

Function: Works as a shower

Polys: High

Recolorable subsets: base, monitor

Egghead stuff: The panels and upper light have are coded with a special effect that comes on when the shower is activated. I moved the routing slot back a little bit so that the sims don't clip into the wall. The annoying abduction effect noise has been replaced with regular shower noise and the annoying alien loop effect has been replaced by regular steam.

Decontamination Benches

Catalog: Seating/Misc §125 (small bench, §250 (large bench)

Function: Seating

Polys: low

Recolorable subsets: base

Egghead stuff: No major functional changes.

Uniform locker

Catalog: Electronics/Misc §680

Function: Works like 1-tile armoire

Polys: High

Recolorable subsets: base, uniform

Egghead stuff: No major functional changes. As a bonus/teaser, I've included the textures from the other Midnight divisions.

Safety Gear Decontamination Locker

Catalog: Electronics/Misc §1745

Function: Stairs

Polys: High!

Recolorable subsets: base, glass

Egghead stuff: No major functional changes. I extended the footprint to make it a 6-tile armoire, but works like a regular 4-tile armoire.

Decontamination Panels

Catalog: Build/ Door and windows §300-750

Function: Doors and windows

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: base, glass

Egghead stuff: No major functional changes.


These are the recolor options available for each material (I haven't included the uniform recolors so as not to spoil the surprise. You'll have to download the yourself).

The decontamination panels have hex, triangle, and quad grids in blue, yellow, and orange. All color options have been added to the master object so that there are no loose recolors.

There are four monitor recolors. They're basically like the standard monitor recolors, but in red.

There are three glass recolors for the decontamination chamber.


After exposure to some nasty stuff, the science team needs to decontaminate. Here are a few scenes shot using the objects in this set (Note: some of the pieces are from the original Midnight at the Cryo Lab set, and aren't included in this file). Warning: I pixelated all the cash n' prizes, but still possibly NSFW-ish.

Download from Sim File Share

Midnight at the Decontamination Chamber


  1. Awesome work! Just perfect for my scifi neighborhood. Thank you, Jason.

  2. I'm not sure what I'm going to expose my Sims to, but I grabbed this set! Thank you :)

    1. Hi, Xia.

      It was a neat little set. It's kind of themed to go with the safety suits, but the showers and lockers have practical applications as regular furniture, too.