Thursday, October 19, 2017

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Underwear Set 1

Important Update- 4/17/2018: My friend Lifa added morphs to the Rio mesh. If you downloaded before 4/17, please redownload.

Important Update- 5/3/2018: I have switched the AG and BBG underwear over to the new Musclegirl mesh. This should fix some previous issues and make the meshes look better overall.

Happy Friday, folks.


My first underwear set for the Midnight overproject. Because your Sims can't be expected to walk around in their uniforms all day, here's some practical, comfortable underwear for them to relax in.


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. I won't make any promises I can't keep, but I'm feeling inspired, and the first project is a good solid framework for the next few (probably much smaller) installments. My original vision was much like Modular Furniture Series 4. I wanted to build a whole set of objects, walls and floors, and build mode elements that blend seamlessly with each other. The difference is that whereas MFS4 was utopian and clean-ish, Midnight is more gritty, for creating sinister, dystopian sets, and this clothing and accessory set is intended to be a reflection of/ complement that.

This set includes a partial set of new body meshes for all the standard Midnight body sizes. A lot of the nude/underwear body meshes out there seem to have über-pokey nips, and that didn't seem practical for underwear. Also, I'm a huge fan of Warlokk's Rio body shape, but it never got updated to X-Hi Res/Sexyfeet. Now that I have a bit more experience in editing body meshes, I tried to address these issues.

The downloads include six male and nine female underwear sizes for Science and Tech divisions, for YA-Elder. There are two versions available: Tooltipp'd and BSOK'd. Please download only one. The mesh pack is necessary, and must be downloaded separately.

The new meshes included in the mesh pack are:

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

I tried to comply with the TOU of the original creators. To my knowledge, all of the original creators either allow redistribution or have been inactive now for a long time.

SynapticSim for the LBB, SBB and BB body meshes included in the mesh pack

Julie J for the July77 Slim Male edit and the original Sussi mesh.

Marvine for the original groundwork that went into the Slim Bodybuilder (SBB), Bodybuilder (BB), Huge Bodybuilder (HBB), Athletic Girl (AG), and Bodybuilder Girl (BBG) body shapes.

Warlokk for the Fashion Model (FM), Rio, and CPU bodies

Bloom for sexyfeet, and for the meshes I extracted for AM and AF

Poppeboy for the FitChick bodyshape

Franniesims for the original Momma Lisa bodyshape. Chris J. Hatch for the Momma Lisa Sexyfeet.

July77 for the slim male mesh

SussiSoGoodSims for the Sussi bodyshape

Science Division

Tech Division

Update- 5/3/2018: These are the new underwear meshes:

BoobyShop/ Binning/ etc...

Because I'm something of an organization freak, I made sure everything was organized, binned, and categorized. There are two versions available to download: Tooltip'd and BSOK'd. Choose whichever you prefer.

The thumbnails pictured below are from the BSOK'd version.

You can find the everything at Sim File Share. Only select one version.

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Underwear Mesh Pack

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Underwear Set 1- Science- Tooltipp'd
Midnight at the Quartermaster- Underwear Set 1- Tech- Tooltipp'd

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Underwear Set 1- Science- BSOK'd
Midnight at the Quartermaster- Underwear Set 1- Tech- BSOK'd


  1. Thank you for this set! And what attractive Sims!

    1. Hi, Xia. I'm glad you like it.

      Truth be told, I can't take much credit for that. They're a motley band of premades, sims extracted from my stories (which also include a fair amount of premades), and Sims generated on the spot using default replacement face templates so they don't come out so fugly and Maxis-y.

      The "Main" male model for the science set are Jethro Phoenix from Blue Heaven Stories/Jet from Kingdom of Colton. The "Main" female model is a Scarlett Johansen premade I found here:

      The Rio model for the science underwear is Morna from Kingdom of Colton. The CPU model is Gwenna.

      The Rio model for the tech underwear in Lady Elyse from Kingdom of Colton.

      There are a couple of other premades, but I think most of the rest are all randomly generated.

  2. These are wonderful! Thanks so much!