Thursday, February 22, 2018

Eight Flavors of Katee

Happy Double Feature Friday, all!

This one is kind of a surprise. We've been working on it for a few weeks now, and are absolutely thrilled with the results.

It's probably not huge news that as a sci-fi geek, I have more than a passing obsession with Katee Sackhoff. I love most of what she's been in, and have seen most of her work a couple of times. So during one of my near-daily e-mail exchanges with Coni, I mentioned my Katee-mania, and she made me a fairly accurate sculpt in Body Shop.

I liked the sculpt so much that I built a whole project around it. I made a whole mess of outfits and accessories based on her signature roles. I also made three skintones lined to the FitChick body shape. I hope you like them.


The list of content is a bit long. I included screenshots of the Sims2Pack below.

First and foremost Coni  for the original Katee-sculpt, for the base skintone, for the mole makeup, for the base texture I used for the flight suit, for the kneeguard bit I used on Dahl's clothing, for moral support, for constant inspiration, and for probably a dozen other things I forgot to mention. It would not have been possible without your help, my friend.

Poppeboy for the original FitChick body shape.

Radio Gnome for the spacer bits that I added to the flight suit outfit.

ï²nvî§íΩⁿ for the original helmet mesh.

Julie J for the Fitchick dress mesh.

Pierre NC for the Fitchick regular clothing mesh.

SynapticSim for the original high boot mesh, the harness mesh, and bits of the body armor.

Face sculpt:

Sim making isn't my strong suit. I openly admit I'm not good at sculpting. It took me three or four hours of tweaking the little face sliders this way and that to get the face as it is, and it's still not a perfect likeness.

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Gallactica:

I have mixed feelings about the series as a whole. The story was generally pretty good, but the pacing was a bit hit-or-miss, especially in the first two seasons. Not my favorite sci-fi series ever, but watchable (mostly due to Katee and Tricia Helfer's acting).

The base for this outfit comes from my Midnight at the Quartermaster coveralls mesh. I added bits and pieces of Radio Gnome's Shepard outfit. I couldn't find a really good model of a Viper pilot's helmet that wouldn't take days of to clean up, so I went with my Project 2395 helmet mesh. Not a perfect reproduction, but I liked the end result. For the tank top, I got rid of the textured-on dog tags and made my own custom mesh to give it a bit more detail.

Dana Walsh from 24:00:

I honestly thought Katee was too good for the series. The plot of Season 8 (Day 8) is a bit convoluted, and I didn't like the inconsistency in the way Katee's character was written. Nevertheless, her performance was gold.

The dress is just a simple recolor of Julie J's alpha skirt mesh. The street clothes are a recolor of the Vic clothing mesh (below) with the police belt alpha'd out.

Dahl from Riddick (2013):

I love all the Riddick movies, and this is probably the best movie in the series. In Riddick, Katee is Dahl, the take-no-shit, right-hand woman of Boss Johns, and her team's sniper. I've seen the entire movie in its entirety four or five times, and the scene where Dahl is in the washroom four or five hundred times.

The body armor is kind of a kitbash of several models from Free3D (the links are no longer available so I don't know who to credit) and SynapticSim's He-Man straps. The clothing is from Syn's high boot mesh. The harness is a rebuild of Syn's militant harness mesh. I know the armor doesn't look exactly like the armor in the movie, but I have nowhere near the skill I would need to freehand it.

Deputy Victoria "Vic" Moretti from Longmire:

This is unsurprisingly some of Katee's best work. She always takes on the "tough girl" roles, but throughout the run of the series she showed some amazing depth. If you haven't seen Longmire, I recommend binge-watching it post haste.

For the regular uniform, I used Pierre NC's original shirtsleeves mesh for FitChick, but added the Maxis police utility belt as an alpha texture. For the mesh with the jacket, I frankenmeshed together the pants from Pierre NC's mesh, the Seasons jacket from Poppeboy's original mesh set, and the Maxis police belt. 

The Skintones

Coni made an amazing skintone with all of Katee's unique tattoos. I linked the YA and Adult female ages to the FitChick body shape to make a showerproof skintone. I also made a Starbuck (Season 3-4) skin and a plain, linked skin.

Additional credits:

Download from Sim File Share:

Starbuck- Tank Top
Starbuck- Flight Suit

Dana Walsh- Black Dress
Dana Walsh- Street Clothes

Dahl- Body Armor
Dahl- Sniper Gear

Vic Moretti- No Jacket
Vic Moretti- With Jacket

Katee- linked Skintones


  1. Ok, So I managed to miss this, but I'm so glad I found it now! This is awesome!

    1. Thank you! Goodness, we made this a while back and I'd almost forgotten about it! This was a fun set and no matter what show Katee is in, she's amazing