Friday, April 20, 2018

Storyteller's Coach

Happy Friday, everybody! This week, we make a trip back to the Kingdom of Colton, if only briefly.

A while ago, I got involved on a discussion thread about creating a storytelling resource. Not just any storytelling resource, but a coach. Specifically, a coach with side panels that could be removed for setting up story pics of conversations inside the coach.

My guess is that the project was never completed. Never heard much about it after it was originally proposed.

Not long ago, I was chatting with my good friend LadyAquanine on The Sims 2 Discord (Come check us out! It's a fun little community.), and the topic came up. We determined that while the original idea was really cool, it never saw the light of day. She asked me nicely if I would consider completing the project, and here we are.

Hexameter for the original coach object

Dragon Slave for the original horse object. 

Overview and instructions:

It takes some explaining. What you get is a six objects that can be assembled to form a coach, along with some poses and overlays to go with them, and of course a collection file.

IMPORTANT:  The coach is slaved to Hexameter's original object. The horses are slaved to Dragon Horse's original object (I like it better than the original horse that comes with the coach because it has a lot more recolor options). You'll need to have both of the master objects in your download folder for the Storyteller's coach set to appear correctly.

Ownable Horse Cabs

The Only Horse Your Sims Will Ever Need

The main carriage object has seven deco slots and six posing slots. The location is kind of fiddly, but if you place the objects on the main carraige's lead tile, they'll snap into place.

The first three are the "coach" slots, intended to hold the side panels and the horses. Once you've filled these slots, the next four are "roof" and "tailgate" slots, intended for placing your favorite deco deco trunks, suitcases, chests, or strongboxes. The last six slots hold the Sims in place for posing.

To use the object, stack all of the deco objects and sims into the slots, and play the poses. To reposition the entire coach after everything has been placed, "grab" the the main coach object.

Here are some pictures of the coach in action:

The Poses:

The driver and footman poses are fairly straightforward.

The passenger overlays are applied to the lower torso only. They're intended to be used with Decorgal's Talk Hack Changed to Overlay by Akihiro (the sitting one). Don't use Argue chair.../ or Talk chair.../ menu options. You may need to add the Back Lower.../ overlay as well.

These poses are intended for taking photos of your Sims having a conversation inside the coach.

The dismounting poses are also fairly straightforward.
The Objects:
Everything you get with this download.

Download from Sim File Share:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

State of the Blogs Address

I hate publishing lists. They make me feel pressured to get stuff done. But they’re completely necessary; they help me keep my projects organized and plan for the future.

Right now, I’m extremely pissed off. Google has this insipid “It’s okay for you to post your NSFW shit here, but we can’t host your NSFW images here”. I mean, you can do it, but if someone flags your post Google can delete the post or even close the blog. I have waaay too much invested (5 years at BHS and 3 ½ at BHSA) to run that risk. I’m usually a happy little ray of sunshine, but with over 11 years in the simming community, I’ve burned a few bridges, and off the top of my head I can think of six or seven people who would jump at the chance to report my blog. So no. Not going to happen.

The issue is this: over the last year, I’ve had major problems with two image hosting sites. When I was active with my story blogs, I used postimg for BHSA and eroshare to host NSFW images for my story blogs. Then eroshare just up and shut down, completely unannounced. I was left with hundreds of broken images. Instead of wasting more time finding a different host and getting them set up again, I began the laborious task of converting all my stories to .pdf documents and dismantling the blogs.

So then a couple of days ago, postimg decided to change domain names from to, again completely unannounced. This broke 90% of the images in BHSA. The images are still there, but I was stuck with the choice of editing every single effing post or moving my images to a new host. I chose Option B; I’m done giving these a-holes free traffic from my blog. I’ll find a better host, thank you very much.

That said, I’m about 30% done. Please bear with me. Migrating the images to imgbox is my highest priority, but I want to make sure my fans are getting new content every week or two as well.

I’m mostly done with Phase One of housekeeping, but these are the changes you can expect in the following months:

Major updates at BHS:

•I am currently about 30% done with La Paga and 70% done with Midnight at the Mess Hall: Galley Essentials. Look for them soon.

•In planning: 8-10 more Midnight at… sets, 2-3 more Combate Moderno sets, and a few unrelated projects.

Major updates at BHSA:

I will migrate all my NSFW images to imgbox and fix the broken image links. This is my highest priority, and I expect to have it done in less than a week. This is done.

•I will repair the funky mesh that I used for Rio Resurgence: Coni’s Collection, if I can. If I can get it fixed, there may be a few more Rio Resurgence: Coni’s Collection updates.

•Look for a new, as-yet-untitled series of projects, featuring the Well-Rounded bodyshape.

Major updates at both blogs:

•I will finish transferring my abandoned story blogs to .pdf. I’m about 75% done with this project; the only blog remaining Is Blue Heaven Stories, Volume 2.

•I will continue publishing the Tutorial Library tutorials, in both English and Spanish (hopefully with Coni’s help). I still have 8-10 incomplete tutorials.

Re-uploading fixed Rio with Sexyfeet mesh with morphs (Thank you, Lifa!) and fixing upload links at both blogs. This is done.

Non-blog related projects:

Currently wrapping up a request at PBK. Done.

•Still at the Sims 2 Discord, continuing to provide one-on-one creation help and generally being awesome.

Detesto publicar listas. Me hacen sentir presionado para hacer las cosas. Pero son completamente necesarios; me ayudan a mantener mis proyectos organizados y planear para el futuro.

En este momento, estoy bastante encabronado. Google tiene la política insípida de "Está bien que publiques aquí tus publicaciones adultos, pero aquí no podemos alojar tus imágenes". Quiero decir, puedes hacerlo, pero si alguien reporta tu publicación, Google puede eliminar la publicación o incluso cerrar el blog. He invertido demasiado (5 años en BHS y 3½ en BHSA) para correr ese riesgo. Normalmente soy un pequeño y feliz rayo de sol, pero con más de 11 años en la comunidad de Sims, he quemado algunos puentes, y en este momento puedo nombrar seis o siete personas que saltan a la posibilidad para reportar mi blog. Entonces no. No va a pasar.

El problema es lo siguiente: en el último año, he tenido problemas graves con dos sitios de alojamiento de imágenes. Cuando estaba activo con mis blogs de historias, usé postimg para BHSA y eroshare para alojar imágenes adultas para mis blogs de historias. Luego eroshare cerró, sin previo aviso. Me quedé con cientos de imágenes rotas. En lugar de perder más tiempo buscando un sitio de alojamiento diferente y volviendo a subir todo, comencé la laboriosa tarea de convertir todas mis historias en documentos .pdf y desmantelar los blogs.

Luego, hace un par de días, postimg decidió cambiar el nombre del dominio de a, nuevamente sin aviso previo. Esto rompió el 90% de las imágenes en BHSA. Las imágenes siguen ahí, pero me quedé con la opción de editar cada una de las putas publicaciones o mover mis imágenes a un nuevo sitio. Elegí la Opción B; Terminé de darles a estos ojetes el tráfico de mi blog. Encontraré un mejor anfitrión, muchas gracias.

Dicho eso, lo tengo a un 30% completo. Por favor, tenga paciencia conmigo. Migrar las imágenes a imgbox es mi más alta prioridad, pero quiero asegurarme de que mis fans obtengan nuevo contenido cada semana o dos también.

Ya terminé la Fase Uno de mantenimiento, pero estos son los cambios que puede esperar en los próximos meses:

Actualizaciones importantes en BHS:

• Actualmente estoy aproximadamente a un 30% terminado con La Paga y a 70% terminado con Midnight at the Mess Hall: Galley Essentials. Búscalos pronto.

• En planificación: 8-10 proyectos más de Midnight at ..., 2-3 más de Combate Moderno, y algunos proyectos no relacionados.

Actualizaciones importantes en BHSA:

Migraré todas mis imágenes adultas a imgbox y corregiré los enlaces de imagen rotos. Esta es mi principal prioridad, y espero que se haga en menos de una semana. Al cien.

• Si es posible, repararé la mesh mal hecha que usé para Rio Resurgence: Coni's Collection. Si puedo solucionarlo, puede haber algunas novedades de Rio Resurgence: Coni's Collection.

• Pela los ojos por una nueva serie de proyectos sin título, que incluya la bodyshape Well-Rounded.

Actualizaciones importantes en ambos blogs:

• Terminaré la transferencia de mis blogs de historias abandonadas a .pdf. Estoy casi un 75% terminado con este proyecto; el único blog que queda es Blue Heaven Stories, Volumen 2.

• Continuaré publicando los tutoriales de la Biblioteca de Tutoriales, tanto en inglés como en español (espero que con la ayuda de Coni). Todavía tengo 8-10 tutoriales incompletos.

Volver a cargar el mesh reparado de Rio con Sexyfeet y con morfos (¡Gracias, Lifa!) y corregir los enlaces de descarga en ambos blogs. Al cien.

Proyectos no relacionados con el blog:

Actualmente estoy terminando una solicitud en PBK. Completo.

• Aún en sigo en el Sims 2 Discord, donde continuo brindando atención uno a uno a creadores y, en general siendo increíble.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Merrie Minstrels III: Bittersweet Symphony

Important update 4/27/2018: with I changed the sort order of the accessories in the catalog so that they appear with the other Merrie Minstrels projects.

Happy weekend, all.

So I'm not sure whether to consider this a series with long intervals between updates, or three separate one-offs, but here we are.

The Merrie Minstrels and Merrie Minstrels II: Meríminsutoreru are among my most popular and well-received projects. Everybody seems to enjoy the music-related projects, and they are great resources for storytellers.

Merrie Minstrels III is a bit more modern-ish and includes everything you need to set up a symphony orchestra.