Friday, May 4, 2018

Midnight at the Mess Hall- Galley Essentials

Happy Friday, everybody!


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. My original vision was much like Modular Furniture Series 4. The difference is that whereas MFS4 was utopian and clean-ish, Midnight is more gritty, for creating sinister, dystopian sets. The objects are made from scratch by me, and thoroughly tested.

This is the third of probably four "neutral" (non-divisional) sets. Since the dining hall/kitchen/replimat set was such a huge undertaking, I broke it up into two parts. As per usual, it blends seamlessly with the objects from the other Midnight sets.

This is the long-awaited kitchen part of the mess hall set. This set is for build-to-suit kitchens and galleys.

The file includes:

Appliances: Functional cooking appliances, refrigerators, large and small appliances.

Bar: A bar and matching island counter, and a barstool.

Build Mode: A new double door with linked diagonal object.

Counters: A complete set of counters and deco headers.

Recolors: Three door glass recolors.

For this set, I've included two collection files: a file for Galley Essentials only, and a Megaset collection for every object in the Mess Hall set.

I've included the master objects for the base and monitor textures in a separate folder. You don't need them if you already have Midnight at the Cryo Lab installed.


Lord Darcy for the fix of Targa's SupaFridge (the base object for the refrigerator)

Targa for the original work that went into the Supafridge

Warning: Heavy Picspam ahead



Catalog: Plumbing/Misc. §395-1475

Function: Refrigerator

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: base, monitor

Egghead stuff: The large refrigerator is a straight clone of the Maxis fridge. The small fridge is cloned from LordDarcy's Supafridge fix (essentially a small fridge that functions as a large fridge).

Kitchen Range

Catalog: Appliances/Cooking §976

Function: Cooking

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: base

Egghead stuff: Functions exactly like the expensive Maxis stove.


Catalog: Appliances/Cooking §359-1196

Function: Cooking

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: base

Egghead stuff: They are straight clones of the Maxis 1- and 2- tile grills. I tried to write the BHAVs so that they could be used indoors without catching on fire, but I couldn't get them to work. If you plan on grilling indoors, I strongly endorse Honeywell's Grill Inside global mod.

Small Appliances

Catalog: Appliances/Small §86-514

Function: Chopping, making coffee, toasting, and reheating

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: base, monitor

Egghead stuff: Nothing special. They're straight clones of the Maxis objects and function exactly the same.

Large Appliances

Catalog: Appliances/Large §419-977

Function: Compacting trash and washing dishes

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: base, monitor

Egghead stuff: Nothing special. They're straight clones of the Maxis objects and function exactly the same.


Bar Set

Catalog: Various §135-1115

Function: Bar, island counter, and barstool

Polys: Low

Recolorable subsets: base, cushion.

Egghead stuff: They're straight clones of Maxis objects. Nothing special.

Build Mode

Double Diner Door

Catalog: Build Mode/ §320

Function: Door

Polys: Medium

Recolorable subsets: Base, glass

Egghead stuff: A new style of door. It works like a regular door and has a linked diagonal object.


Basic Kitchen Counter

Catalog: Surfaces/Counters §185-215

Function: Counter

Polys: Low

Recolorable subsets: Base

Egghead stuff: They work like Maxis counters.


Catalog: Surfaces/Counters §51-301

Function: Various

Polys: Low

Recolorable subsets: Base, monitor

Egghead stuff: The smoke alarm is functional. The small shelf has four deco slots for holding seasonings of cooking utensils. All of the other objects are deco.


The set includes three recolors of the door glass.


This set can stand alone for creating lower-tech galleys, or can be used in combination with any of the other Midnight sets.

Download from Sim File Share

Midnight at the Mess Hall- Galley Essentials


  1. As always wonderful wonderful! Yes!
    Question - will this and the cargo sets accept the nifty steampunk recolors?

    1. And by-the-by, just to let you know, you have reached that Favourite Creators plateau; along with pheonix phaerie(she's been my all-time favourite since S1), Vend1care, Nix, Sun&Moon, K8 @ Parsimminous, KatiVip, Crisps&Kerosene, and Criquette. And JasonDuskey for his magnificent Star Trek ship hulls. ;-)

    2. Hi, HB!

      The cargo bay objects are either partially or fully slaved to the master texture, so they will grab Coni's Steampunk recolors to some degree. The way that most of the objects are mapped, they only really grab the "light", "dark", and "button" portions of the texture, so with most of the cargo pods and the ladders you won't see a significant difference between them. Only the giant door, Cargo Module 1, and the cargo crane vehicle use the part of the texture that corresponds to the "panel". I hope that makes sense.

      Hey, those are some of my favorite creators, too! And BTW, jasonduskey and I are the same person (a lot of people don't make the connection).

    3. Hey, partial is better than not at all. works for me!

      And yes, I know, ergo the ;-) Of which, I've been attempting to make peace with some of those hulls for my STO hood. Not working out very well. Beside which, I'm having difficulty find an acceptable deep space hood terrain and sky dome. However... THANK YOU for all the great space junk! *lol* You and Nix are my first go to's in that genre.