Thursday, July 19, 2018

Midnight at the Quartermaster Part 3.5- Command Dress Uniforms

Happy Friday, folks.


This is a small add-on to the Command division uniforms. I thought it was a bit incongruent that all of the other divisions get their own special clothes, but Command doesn't, so I made a new set of meshes and created a new set of dress uniforms.

This is a small set; it includes a dress uniform (formal wear only) in nine female and six male sizes. It's intended to be used without accessories.


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. The Project 2395 uniforms were good for the time that I made them, but I've learned a bit more about body meshing since then and these sets are intended to be an overall improvement.

The uniform mesh is an mashup of Amaryll's overcoat mesh (which is itself based on the Maxis mad scientist mesh) and SynapticSim's high boot mesh.

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

I tried to comply with the TOU of the original creators. To my knowledge, all of the original creators either allow redistribution or have been inactive now for a long time.

First and foremost, SynapticSim for the high boot mesh that I used as a base for the modified clothing meshes, the LBB bodyshape,  as well as for the AF, LBB, SBBv2, BBv2, HBB, AG and BBG meshes included in the uniform folder (Syn's policy graciously allows redistribution), and probably another half-dozen things I'm forgetting. This project would simply not been possible without his original work. Syn, you are a god among Simmers.

Amaryll for the overcoat mesh

Julie J for the July77 Slim Male edit and the Sussi edit. These were the base meshes I used for my new clothing meshes. You rock, Julie.

Marvine for the original groundwork that went into the Slim Bodybuilder (SBB), Bodybuilder (BB), Huge Bodybuilder (HBB), Athletic Girl (AG), and Bodybuilder Girl (BBG) body shapes.

Warlokk for the Fashion Model (FM), Rio, and CPU bodies

Poppeboy for the FitChick bodyshape

Franniesims for the original Momma Lisa bodyshape. Sigmund Sims for the blockfoot mesh that I modified to make the outfit meshes for Momma Lisa

July77 for the slim male mesh

SussiSoGoodSims for the Sussi bodyshape

More under the cut.

Command Dress Uniform

The command dress uniform comes in six male and nine female sizes for YA-Elder, wearable as Formal. Note: Because Momma Lisa is a whole lot ass-ier than the other sizes, her arms will clip through her body and belt when she's walking. This pose was specially selected to avoid that issue.

Body Shop etc...

Because I'm something of an organization freak, I made sure everything was organized, binned, categorized, and custom thumbnail'd. There are two versions available to download: Tooltip'd and BSOK'd. Choose whichever you prefer.

You can find the whole set at Sim File Share. Only select one version.

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Part 3.5- Tooltipp'd

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Part 3.5- BSOK'd