Thursday, March 14, 2019

Merrie Minstrels 4.5: Cores da Escola!

The Merrie Minstrels, Merrie Minstrels II: Meríminsutoreru Merrie Minstrels III: Bittersweet Symphony, and Merrie Minstrels 3.5: On the March  have been a huge success, and I appreciate the huge outpouring of support I've received.

Important: Merrie Minstrels 4.5: Corres da Escola! isn't a full set in and of itself; it's a set of recolors intended to supplement Merrie Minstrels IV: Carnaval! This file contains the recolors only; for the meshes please visit Merrie Minstrels IV.


Credit where credit is due. The concept of this project was Coni's. Brazil is near her, and she's always had a fascination with all things Samba. She's responsible for a huge part of the research that went into developing this project.

Samba music is very percussion-driven. The caixa, repique, and tamborim deliver pounding beats, the surdo provides the bass, and the other instruments add unique flavors to the music.

Instruments featured in this set:

Caixa de guerra: The caixa (KIE-sha) is a small snare drum, and delivers sharp, rapid-fire beats.

Chocalho: The chocalho (cho-KIE-yo) is a series of jangles mounted on a long stick or in a frame.

Cuica: The cuica (KWEE-ka) is a membranophone. It's essentially a bamboo rod attached perpendicularly to the inside of a drumhead. Manipulating the rod causes a variety of high-pitched sounds.

Pandeiro: A pandeiro (pahn-DAY-ro) ia a big tamborine. Pandeiros are normally adorned with the emblem of the samba school they represent.

Repique: The repique (reh-PEE-kay) is a small- to mid-sized cylindrical drum, played with a stick and an open palm. The stick delivers sharp sounds, and the open palm delivers more broadcast (lingering) sounds.

Surdo: The surdo (SOOR-doe) is a bass drum, played with a mallet and an open palm, in a style similar to the repique, but it delivers deeper tones. Surdos come in three sizes.

Tamborim: A tamborim (tom-bor-EEM) is a small hand drum, normally emblazoned with the Samba school's emblem, played with a flail. It produces sharp, high sounds.

The accessories

This set includes nine recolors each for the caixa, cuica, repique, surdo de primera, surdo de segunda, and surdo de tercera accessories, as well as three recolors each for the chocalho (largo), pandeiro, and tamborim accessories. The recolors are divided into three schools. 

The accessories and poses are for YA-Elder, both genders, only. The instruments and accessories can be used with everything except underwear and swimwear. They're binned using NixNivis's/my binning system (Swords for Morgaine/The Armory) as opposed to my binning system (Project 2395/Outdoor Adventures/Midnight at...) either as right hand, left hand, or hip accessories, as appropriate.

This set includes the accessory recolors only. For the meshes, as well as the outfits and poses used in the pics, please see Merrie Minstrels IV: Carnaval! 

This is a huge list, and I'm thankful to all the creators who made this possible.

First and foremost, to my dear friend and constant inspiration, Coni, for the original idea for a new Merrie Minstrels project, for doing a lot of the original research, for making almost all of the textures, and probably for about a thousand other things that I'm forgetting. This project simply would not have been possible without her help.

printable_models for the percussion model used on the caixa, repique, surdos, and cuica.

LadyAquanine for her immense knowledge of Sims 2 CC, for the managing and curating the best Sims 2 Pinterest boards on the interwebz, and for moral support

The Accessories:

Binning/ CAS/ Etc:

High Poly Warning: This set is a storyteller's resource, and emphasizes detail over performance. I trimmed the poly count down as far as I was able without sacrificing object detail, but some of the objects (Especially the percussion pieces) and 30-40 k polys.

I'm sorry, there are a huuuuuge amount of recolors in this set and I simply didn't have time to do the cool thumbnail images in CAS.

Q: Will you be making teen accessories, J?

A: Nah, bruh. I don't have the time for it and really don't use teens that much. If you have the time and ability to convert my accessories to teen, knock yourself out.

Q: Why weren't these included n the original set?

A: Two reasons: we were getting down to the wire for release date (we wanted the carnival set to go out in time to coincide with Brazil's 2019 carnival) and the original set is already insanely huge, even RAR'd and Compressorized.

Q: Do you have any future plans for the Merrie Minstrels project?

A: Not in the immediate future. Merrie Minstrels was originally planned as a one-shot, but became a HUGE sleeper hit and a fan favorite. It isn't a regular planned series like Midnight at... or Combate Moderno; the ideas for the sequels were suggested by fans or came to me out of the blue, or in this case Coni twisted my arm until I got around to doing it.

Q: Do you plan to do more collaborations with Coni?

A: Of course. For as long as she's willing to put up with me.

Q: The set is really good, but ... (laundry list of complaints on an unrelated forum).

A: Okay, so provide constructive criticism. I openly admit that I don't know a great deal about Samba music. If you have ideas or suggestions that will make this/ any future installment better, lay them on me.

The files are massive; even Compressorized and .rar'd, the clothing file is about 63 megs and the instruments and accessories is about 9 megs. Please be patient. There are two versions of the clothes (Tooltipp'd and BSOK'd). Please download only one. 

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