Thursday, September 5, 2019

The BHS Repose Project Presents... Splish Splash!


The BHS Repose Project is a new initiative to revitalize and repurpose previously released poseboxes by other creators. After several discussions about badly made older poseboxes, and one epic RANT on Tumblr, I'm finally getting serious about making some reposes.

This posebox:

There are a lot of bathtub poseboxes out there. Sadly, there aren't a lot of GOOD bathtub poseboxes out there. Splish Splash is the solution. It's a medley of reposes from several bathtub poseboxes, plus a few original poses. In addition, I've included a set of posing objects (wineglasses) to help complete the poses.

As with all of my poseboxes, the poses are correctly articulated to work on all body sizes, all poses can be stopped with a single command, all poses are clearly labeled, and face overlays are included.


As always, first and foremost to Coni, for the original idea and for helping to playtest.

The PBK Discord for providing feedback and encouragement.

Screaming Mustard, Illary, Pixelate Me, Roy_D, and littlesimgirl for the original poseboxes

Single poses

Couple poses

Wineglass props

These are simple, high-poly objects for use with the wineglass poses. I originally wanted to make them as Decorgal-style accessories, but unfortunately that couldn't be done. These wineglasses can be found in Deco/Misc for §15.

To use the wineglasses, place them on one of SilentLucidity's OMSP (preferably 3 or 4), raise the OMSP about four clicks, and enter the code boolprop snapObjectsToGrid false to fine-tune the placement.

That's all for now.

Download from Sim File Share:

Splish Splash