Index of creations

Index of creations

So my friends at PBK had a cool idea (actually, it's been around for a while, I'm just incredibly lazy). I've been creating and uploading for Sims 2 since 2007. My work has been posted to MTS (I joined back when it was still MTS2), Insimenator (back when it was Saphire Sims, SimTrek 2, Off-World Adventures, my family-friendly blog, my adult blog, Back Alley Sims, MYB Sims, Plumbbob Sims, Plumb Bob Keep, and probably a few others I've forgotten about. This is an index of my family-friendly creations only. Bear with me, as it's still under construction.

Older MTS Lots
Correlian Freighters Series
Imperial Star Destroyer
Older Style Klingon Series
Older Style Starfleet Series
Galor-Class Starship
Keldon-Class Starship
Constitution-Class Refit
Bounty Hunters' Series
Olympic-Class Hospital Ship
Galaxy-Class Remodel
Vor'cha-Class Battlecruiser
Deep Space 9- Residential and Community
D'deridex-Type Warbird- Updated
Sovereign-Class Remodel
NeghVar-Class Battlecruiser
Chintaka-Class Destroyer
Valdore-Type Warbird
Fralthi MK II
Nebula-Class Remodel
B'Rel-Class Bird of Prey
Hideki-Class Destroyer
Tallahassee-Class Cruiser
Firefly-Class Transport
K'Vort-Class Bird of Prey
Intrepid-Class Remodel
Challenger-Type Battlestar
Galor-Class Remodel
Pulsar Skate
Southhampton-Class Destroyer
D'Kora-Class Cruiser
Keldon-Class Remodel
Defiant-Class Starship
Lady Luck
D7 and K'Tinga-Class Battlecruisers
Surak-Type Starship
Borg Tactical Cube
Miranda-Class Remodel
Romulan Science Vessel and Romulan Scout Vessel
Kumari-Type Starship
Starbase 11- Residential and Community
Starfleet Academy San Francisco
Cylon Basestar
Support Lots for Starfleet Academy San Francisco- Part 1
Support Lots for Starfleet Academy San Francisco- Part 2
Mos Eisley Cantina
D'Kyr-Type Starship
Hammerhead-Class Cruiser
Akira-Class Starship
Starbase 515
Starfleet Academy Alpha Centauri
Prometheus-Class Starship
Support Lots for Starfleet Academy Alpha Centauri- Part 1
Support Lots for Starfleet Academy Alpha Centauri- Part 2
Excelsior-Class Starship
Elba II Maximum Security Prison
Borg Sphere
CR90 Correlian Corvette
Starfleet Academy Rigel
Support Lots for Starfleet Academy Rigel
Nin'Toq-Class Battlecruiser
Luna-Class Starship
Orion Wanderer
Constitution-Class Starship- Original Configuration
Regula 1
Constitution-Class Starship- Refit Configuration
Olympic-Class Starship- Remodel
Steamrunner-Class Starship
Oberth-Class Starships- Part 1
Oberth-Class Starships- Part 2
Galaxy-Class Starship- 3rd Gen Remodel
Stardock-Type Starbase- Community and Residential
Moonbase from the UFO Series
Vor'Cha-Class Battlecruiser- 3rd Gen Remodel
Deep Space 9 Remodel- Residential and Community
Bajoran Interceptor
Ambassador-Class Starship
Sovereign-Class Starship- 3rd Gen Remodel
Nova-Class Starship
Starbase 201- Residential and Community
Norway-Class Starship
Nebula-Class Starship- 3 Variants- 3rd Gen Remodel
Negh'Var-Class Battlecruiser- 3rd Gen Remodel
2 New Cardassian Cruisers
Centaur-Class Starship
Vacation Worlds- Risa Part 1
Ty'Go'Kor Orbital Defense Platform- Residential and Community
Qo'Nos's First City- Great Hall and Great Plaza
3rd Gen Miranda-Class Model- with Soyuz-Class Variant
Vacation Worlds- Risa Part 2
Qo'nos's First City- Marketplace and Budget Apartments
B'Rel-Class Bird of Prey- Remodel
Vacation Worlds- Risa Part 3
Chiktaka-Class Cruiser- Remodel
Hideki-Class Destroyer
Bajoran Temple
Qo'Nos's First City- Opera House
Jupiter Station- Residential and Community
Qo'Nos's First City- Highrise
Intrepid-Class Starship- 3rd Gen Remodel
K'Vort-Class Bird of Prey
D'deridex-Type Warbird- 3rd Gen Remodel
Hutet-Class Dreadnought
Gul Vystan-Class Cruiser
3 Tactical Cruisers
D'Franadex-Type Warbird
D'Vorx-Type Warbird
Hirogen Hunter's Ship
Cheyenne-Class Starship
Niagara-Class Starship

Older MTS Objects
Hyperdrives- Type 2 and 3
Sovereign-Class Warp Core
Navicomputer Series
Main Bridge Furniture Set- Update
Starfleet Build Mode Set
Beds for Sickbay
Sovereign-Class Bridge Furniture
Galaxy-Class Furniture
Klingon Furniture Set
Deep Space 9 Furniture Set
Romulan Furniture Set
Tricorders and Phasers
Functional Standing Consoles
Lightsabers, Blasters, and a Bowcaster
Intrepid-Class Furniture
Hyperdrives, Navicomputers, and Dejarik Board
Captain's Quarters Part 1
Captain's Quarters Part 2
Captain's Quarters Part 3
Four New Functional Standing Consoles
Jetsons Build Set
Consoles for CIC and Cylon Basestar
Constitution-Class Bridge Consoles
Four Functional Consoles for Starfleet
TOS, TMP, and ENT-era Goodies
Fixes and Previously Released- Part 1
Fixes and Previously Released- Part 2
Fixes and Previously Released- Part 3
Fixes and Previously Released- Part 4
Fixes and Previously Released- Part 5
Fixes and Previously Released- Part 6
Razor Wire Fence
Horgh'ans of all Shapes and Sizes
Captain's Quarters Furniture Part 4
Planets- A set of Neighborhood objects
Klingon Crew Quarters Furniture
Bajoran Temple Furniture Set
Defiant-Class Add-ons
Jupiter Station Furniture Set
Cargo Canisters Set
Intrepid-Class Add-ons
Regula 1 Furniture Set
Starbases as Neighborhood Objects
New Cardassian Furniture
Melee Weapons

SimTrek Downloads

Blue Heaven Lots

Blue Heaven Misc.

Cardassian Starships

Consoles Series 5

Galaxy Class Series 4

Handheld Objects

Intrepid Class Series 4

Klingon Ships

Miscelaeneous Objects

Miscelaeneous Starships

Neighborhood Objects

Pets and Pet Acessories
Tusks- Default replacement

Romulan Starships

Sovereign Class Series 4 Furniture
Sovereign Class Series 4- Ready Room Collection


Starfleet Academy Alpha Centauri

Starfleet Academy San Francisco

Starfleet Starships and Hull Objects

Talon-Class Project

TOS Objects


Worlds of Star Trek- Lots and Objects


  1. Can you reupload the Constellation class starship-New, please?

    1. I'm sorry. I can't seem to find it in my backups folder. I don't think I have it anymore.