About Ocelotekatl:

The origin of my internet handle is a mystery to many. I've always been an avid fan of pre-colonial Mexican history and culture. One of the minor teoti (mislabeled "gods" by other cultures, but there isn't really an equivalent) of the Triple Alliance was Ocelotekatl. No, little Jimmy, I don't have a god complex, or at least not a highly developed one.

The name is derived from two Nahuatl words: ocelotl (feline, a word that describes anything from the largest puma to the smallest housecat without distinction) and ekatl (person). Ocelotekatl = cat person.

Ocelotekatl, the creative force behind Blue Heaven Sims (and Blue Heaven Sims Adult, too!) is J (the one who does the actual work) and Ophelia (the one who lies on the floor and judges silently).

I was born in Colorado, and spent the first 25 years of my life there. Since 1999, my permanent residence has been the north side of Cd Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Hobbies are creating for Sims 2, reading, writing, and cooking. Forty-something, married, two grown kids, two canine battering rams, and my tortoiseshell mistress. Not much else to tell.


  1. Ocelotakl, I'm so sorry to bother you, but I couldn't think of another way to contact you. My name is Paradox07. I was once a member of the Plumbob Keep, but as of 7:15 pm PST, I was banished. I had no idea the webmaster of the site was a cruel, selfish despot, and I refuse to let anyone else suffer her cruelty. I need your help. I saw that you're friends with Stephsim, so that must mean I can trust you. If you have any friends in the Sims 2 community, please send them this bulletin:

    This comes from the voice of yet another of despot Sunni's casualties. It is as of now that I am on her banished list, and I refuse to let any more people suffer her wrath in silence.

    I post this not for myself, but to all who associate themselves with the Plumbob Keep. Do not, under any circumstances, get involved with that site, or its people. You will only experience heartbreak in the future down the road unless you do exactly what their "queen" says. She is a selfish, lazy, vindictive webmaster who only cares about herself, manipulates others to do her bidding, and she gets nasty with anyone who tries thinking outside her little box. Sunni loves control, and despises those who are not followers.

    She's also getting tired of the site, and can't stand the fact that many who originally made it fun have moved on to other things. One of her banished also embarrassed her in public and made other people want to leave, which has also contributed to the site's death spiral.

    She wants to be free of it, but can't bear the idea of having someone else in charge. She's a control freak. A real leader knows when to step down. She was once a good, if mostly absent leader 5 years ago, but not anymore.

    She's also trying to find reasons to get rid of people. She didn't like me because I don't think along the same lines she does, and she was looking for an excuse to be rid of me. I had no idea what kind of person she was until I spoke to someone who had also suffered her wrath.

    Again, do not put any trust to Sunni, do not associate with her or her friends, do not donate to that site (she owes me $5) or her Patreon, and do not, under any circumstances, try to go back as someone else. Her site can read IP addresses, so there's no point in trying to spy on her.

    You need to tell everyone out there about this. Copy and paste this warning and send it to everyone you know, including people still part of the Keep. You will be doing a lot of innocent people a favor.

    1. Hey, there. I remember you! The nice girl who keeps all the well-organised Pinterest boards, right?

      I'm sorry to hear that you were banished. I've heard a lot of negative about the way that PBK is run in the recent past. I try to avoid forum drama myself, but I know that you had a lot of time invested in the site and I can understand your frustration.

      I had a similar experience with PBK. I haven't been a joiner for a long time (mostly so as to avoid forum drama; on my blogs I post what I choose, and I can vet any nonconstructive comments), but one of the folks from the Keep saw one of the Bodice-Ripper poseboxes at my adult blog and invited me to share it at the Keep, behind the adult wall. This maybe a month or two after Steph and David were banished. Steph cautioned me not to get too invested in the site, because it was poorly administered and she'd had some serious issues. I decided I'd give it some consideration, but continued sharing my creations there.

      I shared a few family-friendly accessories, pose packs, and objects, as well as a few more of the Bodice-Ripper poseboxes. At one point, a couple of members began raising a stink about one of the poseboxes even though:

      A: It was behind the adult wall, which has a clear warning about the content therein.
      B: It did not violate any of the community guidelines at the time (the guidelines have since been rewritten).
      C: A clear warning was displayed at the beginning of the post.

      Without naming names, one of the administrators made the quite reasonable decision to remove access to the adult section for the more bothersome of the two members (who incidentally has a reputation as a troublemaker).

      Sunni not only reversed the decision, but unilaterally decided to delete not just the "objectionable" posebox, but all of the adult poseboxes I'd shared up to that point, using the rationalization that "a number of members has voiced their concerns to her in private messages" and that it was "for the greater good of the community". This represented about half of my uploads at the time. I don't have the evidence to assert it outright, but my suspicion is that the number of members that she mentioned includes the two members that had raised a stink before.

      I didn't make a big deal of it, I just stopped sharing my creations at PBK. I've pretty much gone it alone since SimTrek closed up shop, and anyone who wants my creations knows where to find them, so it's a greater loss for the Keep than for me. It's a shame because there are some really good creators at the Keep, and I met a lot of nice folks. But I cannot and will not continue to participate in such a petty, poorly administered forum. I have great respect for Sunni as a creator, but I have lost all respect for her as a site admin.

      Just my two cents. Feel free to post here any time you need to vent.

  2. Omg! I didn't know you had replied until Steph told me! I thought I'd get an e-mail like I did with Ray, but then I remembered I never gave you my e-mail. At least the pinterest boards have helped people. It's one of the few posts I've made at the Keep that Sunni HASN'T removed. I'm still working on the boards. Some still even need to be filled, hehe. At least I'll know who to visit when I work on the Star Trek one ;).

    I actually didn't know the PBK had an adult section. I know that some of the people who tell tales on their sites have adult themes sometimes in their Sim stories, but I wasn't aware of anything like that the Keep itself. Steph thinks someone sought out your BR poseboxes deliberately to get rid of them, someone who ignored the warnings and went out of their way to be offended. I've heard of people doing that, and frankly, they need to get a life.

    I've been slowly getting over it, though I hate the fact that Sunni has been doing this to not just me, but others as well. She's gotten really banish-happy since Steph left and Nonni died. When I first learned about her Banishment list years ago, I thought that she was just getting rid of trolls. I do it all the time in online games and on Disqus. It wasn't until Steph and David left that something didn't feel right. I mean, they aren't trolls at all. And then I was banned from the chat box (one of my bigger mistakes, talking to these people in the chat box and getting involved), and things kind of went downhill from there. While I have heard of message board drama from a few places, I'd never actually seen it in action until now.
    I'm writing about my experience to post online sometime in the near future. I'm also considering starting up my own site to tell Sims 2 stories, since I can't do it at the PBK now. Never done it before, but those "website-building-made-easy" programs sound helpful.

    1. Hey, there. I was beginning to wonder if you'd viewed my reply. No worries. If you want to vent, this is as good a place as any, and I receive notifications when people leave comments so I'll know when you've replied. If it's dirty laundry you'd prefer not to have aired, feel free to send it to ocelotekatlsimmail@gmail.com.

      I really, really like the pinterest boards. They're invaluable in finding props for my stories. One of these days when I get around to it, I'll set up a link to them.

      I appreciate that you had the confidence to share your banishment story here, and it's similar in a lot of ways to Steph's and mine (although technically, mine was self-banishment). I'll probably never know exactly what happened in the exchanges between Sunni and the "number of members who voiced their concern" (i.e. the princess and the sycophant), but at this point I don't care. Their loss, not mine. I'm just done with forum drama.

      If the creations I was specifically invited to share are no longer valued, I won't waste further time sharing any of my creations. I'll just share the new poseboxes on the adult blog, where I can make them as kinky or as vanilla as I choose. PBK has been slowly imploding over the course of the last 2-3 years, and BHS Adult set a record-breaking 9897 pageviews in December 2016. I cannot overemphasize how much of a f*ck I don't give.

      Anyway, if you're looking for another forum to air your greivances, may I suggest Proudly Banished (Steph's new site)? There's a link on the sidebar. Steph did something really similar; she aired all of Sunni's dirty laundry, and it was glorious. It wouldn't hurt to ask. It you're looking for a place to host your new creations and aren't Blogger-savvy, she might even offer you your own section. Just putting it out there.

      Ophelia is whining for attention and I'm wicked tired. For now, I'm off to bed. Hope everything is well on your end.

      Take care,


    2. My e-mail is ladyaqua7351@hotmail.com. Stupid URL wanted something different :/.

      That's great that the Pinterest boards have been a help to you. I'll have to make some more pins in the near future :D. I like the story-telling aids, like the freezer clock, the OSMP's (HUGE help in positioning Sims), the special-effects (David is a genius about those!), the weather-changer, the Sim Blender, and a few other cool items.

      See, I was unhappy with how other people had set up their Sims 2 boards, because they weren't all that helpful. So I finally said to myself, "Screw this, I'll my own boards!" And it took off from there. It's fun to work with, though one of my only real complaints is that you can't move the pins around on the board. You can move the boards around, but not what's on them. Guess Pinterest hasn't come up with a program for that yet. They keep updating the danged server every few months and it comes very close to messing up what I made.

      It's not really dirty laundry on my behalf, though I did write a few things in my story that I was ashamed of. I made the mistake of letting some people know how I felt about certain groups and politics, and I think that contributed to my banishment. There were some things I said that were too humiliating to include, and I partially omitted them.

      Steph and I, however, came to the conclusion that Sunni threw me out because of what I learned about her, not what I actually said in chat. (Of course, writing that you are so angry you want to download someone's Self-Sim and slaughter it in game might have been going too far. That most certainly pissed off both her and her spy). She didn't want to risk me blabbing her dirty secrets to anyone else at the PBK. I was thinking about making a Sims 2 story based on my experience, though it might get me in trouble with the nice people as well as the ones I want to get back at. Plus, Sunni might accuse me of slander.

      I'm using a format similar to what Steph did, and using code names (protect identities of people, even I don't like some of them) though I think it would be obvious to anyone who knows what the symbolism means.

      I didn't want to admit it at first, but the site is slowly going downhill. Almost nobody is really creating except for a few people doing it in little bursts, compared to a few years ago when things were very exciting and vibrant. Now all we get are little trickles of fun stuff from the Star Factory and a few fun things from the few ambitious modders left. I see these other people who are completely ignorant of how evil and narcissistic Sunni is, and I keep shaking my head and thinking, "If only they knew."

      I didn't know Steph had a forum. I'll have to check out the link, thanks :)

  3. Okay, she doesn't have a forum, I misread what you wrote. My bad. Nice work on the Knight's helmets, by the way. It's nice that they match the suits now.

    I found out that Almighty Hat isn't on my side. She was one of the people I sent a bulletin to, and she demanded that I give her evidence, including screenshots. It's kind of hard to deliver evidence when I hardly had time to even grab any before being thrown out of the Cursed Keep. Frac then came in and lied about why I was kicked out, and of course, Hat readily believed her. Guess whatever sympathy I felt towards Frac is gone. She's been doing Sunni's dirty work for her and telling everyone what a liar and a rule-breaker I am. I didn't realize Hat had so many problems. Guess it comes with the territory for some artists. I'm almost inclined never to return to her site ever, considering she thinks just like THEY do.

    1. Hey, there. Apparently, Pinterest doesn't have an RSS feed, so I couldn't add a link to your boards on the sidebar. I included it on the Links page, but it's kind of hidden. Suggestion: Numenor's no "Zzzzz" when sleeping and no musical effects hacks on the hack board (both of those things annoy the sh*t out of me), and definitely a separate board for storyteller's tools (SimWardrobe's weather controller, SilentLucidity's OMSPs, the freezer clock, the "look at me" hack, and the hack that removes the ugly red lines when the game is paused, just to name a few).

      PBK. Meh. I'm pretty much done talking about it. There are still a few nice folks, but a lot of the really gifted creators (Steph and David, Hriveresse, Raynuss, and many more) have moved on, either by their choice or because they were pushed out, and this has drastically affected the quality of the contributions. I made a few friends in my short time there, and I respect the talent of the five or six people who regularly contribute. I don't even have a beef with Frac. The few exchanges I had with her were concerning the guts of an overlay box (that project is STILL on the back burner) and overall they were pretty positive. Steph has a different opinion regarding Frac, but until I have a reason to do otherwise, I give her the benefit of the doubt.

      I don't think it's really a question of "side". It's just that a lot of creators, for x or y reason, just don't want to be pulled down into the forum drama and petty bickering. I don't know Hat really well. I've commented on her blog a few times and did the whole "Simmers helping Simmers" thing, sharing her GoFundMe link here and at MyB when her cat got really sick, but we're not really tight. Regardless, she seems nice and level-headed, and possibly asked for evidence so she could make the evaluation herself. Or she knows Frac better than she knows you, and has more overall confidence in what Frac says. I wouldn't write it off as meanness or spite without having the full story.

      I've enjoyed creating for as long as I've has Sims 2. One of the things I've learned is that getting involved in these long, heated exchanges with other Simmers consumes most of the free time I have available, which takes time away from what I actually enjoy doing: creating for TS2. The negativity builds and begins to snowball, and pretty soon you become so stressed out from dwelling on it that aside from having no time to create, you no longer feel inspired. For me, it's no longer worth it. My advice would be to let it go and get back into creating. Just my two cents.

    2. I'm sorry. I'm not as tech-savvy about the internet as I'd like to be. I don't know what an RSS feed is. I would be happy to add pins for any hacks/mods you might know of, and story-telling ideas. I think I have a board for Storytelling tools, though it's kinda far down on the list. It's after all my Asian-themed boards. Some of the Posebox boards need more work, it's just there are a ton out there. Trinity and Sims2City in particular have a ton of poseboxes.

      I was actually calming down and feeling better these past few days, almost not even caring anymore about the ban, until I googled to see if anyone else had been banished from the Keep. I thought I could help them out too. Then I discovered that Hat had actually replied to me two months ago. She was not very nice to me about that. It was an even bigger surprise that she responded to my apology and explanations just today. I even sent her a link to Steph's website, though I doubt she read anything on it.

      I learned just how nasty and vicious Hat could be. She thinks I'm some kind of conniving, manipulative liar that wanted to stage a bullying campaign and a coup against Sunni's site, and brought politics into it. I was shocked and horrified at her vitriol. Here I had thought Sunni was nasty, but apparently there are Simmers out there worse than her. So I told that...creature...off, and am never speaking to her again. I'd just as soon wrestle with an angry, rabid bulldog.

      I've been wanting to make my own site for a while, and now that I know of Wix, I might actually do it. I was never a good programmer as far as websites are concerned. Is it safe to use?

    3. Hey, there. Sorry I haven't responded. I've been hella busy with work (2 1/2 of us doing the job of a 7-person team), and when I get home I just want to rest.

      RSS feeds are essentially a format family of internet feeds used by mostly blogging-type sites that get updated frequently (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, LiveJournal, DreamWidth, and suchlike). That's about all I know of it. Pinterest doesn't have it. See the gadget on the sidebar near the top of the page, the one that says "Cool Sims 2 Stuff"? All the sites linked there are RSS feed-enabled, so I get updated on the last thing that was published.

      I'll try to make my response as subdued and impartial as possible. After reviewing the whole exchange several times, I think that what Hat takes umbrage with is that the language you use to describe Sunni is extremely hostile, and no evidence is presented to substantiate the claims leveled against her. I know it's kind of hard to obtain; I've visited the Wayback Machine a couple of times but there isn't a time signature anywhere near the date of the ban-worthy offense to be referenced. Frac's comment was something to the effect of "No, she wasn't banned because of X, she was banned because of Y.". Again, hearsay, not substantiated by evidence.

      So imagine you're an elementary school principal. Two kids get in a scuffle on the playground. There is no other evidence available to corroborate what happened, and each kid tells a different version of the events. With nothing else to go on, one would have to assume that what really transpired is somewhere between the two versions of the story.

      At this point, our personal biases take over. I've known Steph for a loooong time; in our MTS days we cooperated on a few projects. My personal experience with Sunni is limited to her decision to take down half my posts at PBK for no good reason. So from my perspective, Steph's account of what happened to her is consistent with what what I know of Sunni, and therefore much more reliable than Sunni's account. I don't know you nearly as well as I know Steph, but my and Steph's experiences with Sunni are consistent with your account of why you were banned, and therefore your account is more reliable than Sunni's or Frac's account.

      Hat's position is different. While she doesn't claim to know Sunni on a personal level, they have known each other and exchanged dialogue over a period of seven years or so, and she doesn't know you from Eve. By extension, she's dealt with Frac. So it's safe to assume that for Hat, Frac's account is more reliable than yours. I hope that makes sense.

      I don't think that given the circumstances Hat was trying to be nasty or hateful. It was off-putting to her to have a virtual unknown enter her personal space and level accusations about a Simmer she'd dealt with favorably in the past, especially providing that the evidence to support the accusations was non-existent. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that at the time when you wrote it, you were still extremely upset over having been banned, and didn't moderate what you were typing. Likewise, Hat responded off the cuff, and didn't pull her punches. Things escalated much more quickly than they should have. Here, we teach our kids "Cuenta hasta diez (Count to ten)." Don't post when you're upset. Sleep on it, and when you're calm, try to type out a measured response. Just my two cents.

      I honestly have very little knowledge of Wix. Per Steph, it's a reliable platform and it's fairly easy to use. If you're looking to get started on Wix, I would recommend reading up on it or asking Steph for pointers.

  4. You sound like a good hard worker. Kudos for putting effort in when it was badly needed. My dad is in a similar situation, a single engineer doing the work of 3 engineers, and he's the only mechanical engineer on site at the power plant. Everyone else has to come to him for questions on how to do things for the boilers, fans, and computers, and he has to sometimes go out and inspect the various machinery, often in bad weather. Much of the time he's in his office, working on his PC, but people come in all the time for their jobs.

    Since I failed to get into college again this semester, I'm gonna look for a job in town to provide some additional income to the house for now, and try to register for Fall semester this year.

    I'm sorry the links aren't working :(. I wish I knew there was a way to put them up, but perhaps if I put up my own website, you can link that instead. I'm just worried that if I do set up a web-page, I'll get attacked with hate mail from certain people.

    I didn't have much evidence to show Hat, partially because anything incriminating to her little burning false goddess was done where I couldn't see it, and partially due to being able to grab only a few PMs before the gates closed, and after her mean words, I was very off-put by the whole thing. She refused to listen, even when I tried being reasonable to her. It didn't matter if the not-so-mighty Hat was "curious," she wouldn't have believed anything I said in a million years, even IF I'd had solid proof. I didn't read what she might have said after my last post, and I'm giving her the same treatment I gave the Unshaved Mouse over on WordPress. I'm staying away and refuse to go back except to other posts where her hair re-textures are.

    The thing is, she was very closed up, and gave this attitude of "How DARE you bother me during hiatus and attack Sunni like that! Don't you even know what HIATUS means? Do you even know who I am?!" No, in fact, I didn't know her at all. I've been kind of depressed for the past few days because I used to like Hat and her creations. But to see that's she's JUST like the people who threw me out...it was sad to see and disgusting. She wasn't lying when she said she was messed up. But it does beg the question: If she's on hiatus, why was she answering me at all? Wouldn't she be away doing something and recovering from whatever mental issue she was having?

    Frac talks about rules and crap, but the thing is, she and Sunni break their own rules all the time! What good are rules if even the leaders don't follow them, but the underlings must? If you set up rules for a website, you follow them yourself in addition to everyone else. It's only fair.

    I read the "Town Charter," and it says you get a PM with a warning about any offenses in chat or posts, and I don't remember getting ANY before the chat window ban. The only PM I ever got before this fiasco was from cupcakeyy over putting textures on different dress meshes. (It was a fun project I had requested from her, after her work with Regency fashions). I have also talked with Ray Nuss, and he says Sunni broke the rules to one of her own contests and did Heget's contest entry for her for some event, and Ray was furious when he found out. Sunni was very angry when Ray pulled out of the contest, and she banned him as well as a bunch of his friends to prevent them from telling anyone about why he had to leave the Keep. Sunni has stolen and used many of Ray's meshes, and from what I've seen in the Sims community, that is a big no-no, plagiarizing people's meshes.

    And unlike Sunni and Frac, I actually feel bad about some of the things I said when in there. They didn't even care when I sent an apology PM. What kind of people don't acknowledge an apology and refuse to forgive someone that's willing to repent?

    1. Hey again.

      As always, I will try to respond in as tempered a manner as possible. The fact of the matter is that you entered Hat’s personal space and leveled unfounded accusations at another Simmer. I think this is what upset Hat the most.

      These are direct quotes from the original post:

      “…suffer Sunni's cruelty in silence anymore…”
      “…yet another of despot Sunni's casualties…”
      “She is a selfish, lazy, vindictive webmaster who only cares about herself, manipulates others to do her bidding, and she gets nasty with anyone who tries thinking outside her little box. Sunni loves control, and despises those who are not followers.”
      “She's a control freak. A real leader knows when to step down.”
      “…do not put any trust to Sunni, do not associate with her or her friends, do not donate to that site…”

      This is not written in a way that would curry any type of favorable response from a disinterested party. This is written in a way that openly attacks another Simmer’s character, but doesn’t leave the reader with much to go on except the author’s personal experience.

      Because of my past experience with Sunni and Steph’s exposé, my perspective was already slanted in your favor. But Hat expressed that her reason for no longer participating at PBK was not due to conflicts with other members. In her own words, she felt that she was spreading herself too thin and that GOS was a better fit for her. So at the time of the post, her outlook was either neutral or partial to Sunni’s position. So probably making your opening statement a blatant attack wasn’t the way to win Hat over.

      While I’m disposed to believe to some degree what transpired because of my foreknowledge of the way Sunni operates, Hat was under no obligation to believe. When her response wasn’t all kittens and rainbows, a contrived and kinda-insincere-sounding apology coupled with more unfounded attacks on Sunni and Frac was probably not the best path. The burden of proof, as they say, is on the person making the claim.

      As I wasn’t around when Sunni and Ray had their falling-out, I don’t know the whole story and wouldn’t be able to weigh in on what happened. I haven’t dealt with Ray much at all, and what little I know about him is that he’s a talented creator and makes really clever and well-made stuff. I’ve used a few of his objects as templates for my Bodice-Ripper poses.

      Ray’s policy is pretty clear about the use of his meshes:


    2. Plagiarism is kind of a gray area for Sims 2 content. The policy of most creators is something like “Do whachalike, No paysites, No TSR, please credit” and Ray’s pretty much conforms to this. While it would admittedly be slimy to use his meshes and not credit him, I don’t see where this has been done.

      I can understand where you might be upset that Sunni and Frac didn’t respond to your PMs when you sent your apology PMs. But I don’t feel that they were obligated to. Some people are capable of forgiveness; others aren’t. Acceptance of the apology is the prerogative of the transgressed, not the absolute right of the transgressor.

      I’m not trying to be mean or hypercritical. I think at the time when you posted, you were still extremely upset over having been banned. I felt the same way when Sunni did for me. I copied the text of the original objectionable post, every response, and Sunni’s final note, and typed up a scathing response to post on my blogs. I saved it as a draft and slept on it. I thought about it for a couple of days, and came to the decision that posting it would probably do more harm than good. I reread what I’d written at the time and saw just how vitriolic it was. I had been reacting to what had happened vitriolically, and not thinking it through.

      All I can say is release the anger. Let it go. It does you no good to hold grudges. Channel your energy into more constructive outlets, like Simming. I’m pretty sure you joined PBK in the first place either to share your own creations or to download other people’s creations. The best way to put this negative energy to use is to set up your own blog/webpage, and share your creations there.

      That’s all I have to say about that.

  5. I guess I was kind of angry at her response and acted on it. I didn't like her snotty attitude, regardless of whether she believed me or not. Still, it revealed her true character, and frankly, I'm not gonna hang out with people like that. I already made that mistake with the Unshaved Mouse and Sunni's Triumvirate, I'm not gonna do it again.

    You're right, ocelotekatl. I should start up my own webpage. All I ever wanted to do was tell Sims 2 stories, and others have done so too. I actually wanted to tell several Sims 2 stories, but didn't know how at the time. Some weren't even Medieval. One was based on "Ella Enchanted" (the novel), one was going to be a Medieval story based on my experiences at the Keep, one of my earliest ideas was a sci-fi story about a Sim who got pregnant with a reincarnated alien leader, which causes all sorts of problems, hehe. Another idea was a werewolf romance story that takes place on a fictional, modern Asian island nation I thought up.

    The only difficulty right now is thinking about the setup. I've never built a website before, and even with the easy Wix program, I still have to figure out how to "set up shop," as it were. I'll definitely link your site on there when I get it all put together :).

    I would like to thank you for being so understanding and talking me through this. It means a lot, especially since Stephanie has been on radio silence for over a week. I don't know what happened to her, but she hasn't spoken to me since the 9th. Not sure why.

  6. Hey again. I'm really not sure what's up with Steph. I haven't really followed up with her since about October. Knowing Steph, she's probably busy just doing life.

    I'm not the ultmate authority on platforms for presenting your stories and creations. I honestly know very little about Wix. There are free alternatives such as Zetaboards and emachines, but I haven't looked into them either. Wordpress has some cool features that other blogging sites don't have, such as pagination. Nix and Julie both use it, and it looks slick. I' m not sold on Tumblr; it's way too basic for me. Dreamwidth is okay, but I never got the hang of it. Livejournal is shitty. For me, Blogger is the grandaddy of them all, beccause it integrates with your Google account, allows adult content (something I can't live without) and has a lot of custimization options.

  7. Hello :). At the moment, I'm working on a technique that is new to me: bundling recolors of clothes & hair. I'm trying to learn to cut down on the number of files that will be in my Saved Sims and Downloads folders, so my game can load faster. I couldn't believe that after all these years, people had found a way to make it all load faster than 35-45 minutes! I thought everyone had to deal with that crap! But if there are ways to fix that, I'm all for it :). Plus, I found out the file number limit (at least for the Downloads Folder) for my computer to allow Sims 2 to play was 37,000 (I'm...kind of a CC-holic...it's a little embarrassing). I'm thinking of learning another technique for objects, though usually it would just concern furniture with lots of recolors. Thank goodness for SimPE. It's ironic that two of my least favorite people in the world have been so helpful without even realizing it.

    I think Steph's coming back into the picture. She just invited me to something on Disqus, so she's definitely still alive, hehe. She's really into Harry Potter, and I've actually pinned some of her stuff to my HP-themed board for Sims 2. Often when starting a board I know will have a lot of pins, I'll raid MTS first before going anywhere else.

    1. Hi Jason!

      I'm sorry for the disappearing act, but you know how it goes...Sim Creation Vacation's are essential!(◕‿◕)

      I called Paradox and she shared that there was a conflict with Hat. ⊙﹏⊙ So, I came on-line and read everything. Which guided me here of course. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. But, there is even more to that madness than meets the eye. But, not worth discussing, as your instincts have always served you well. I'm just sorry that you had to experience such hypocrisy. And you have shared the experience from your perspective, which always brings a sense of balance to the situation for me.

      I left a response on Hat's site and updated my Case Study accordingly. I think we all have exhausted ourselves as far as the unnecessary rehashing of drama is concerned. So, it is indeed time to get back to the things that really matter in life. She Who Shall Not Be Named, is a complete non-issue as far as I am concerned. Time to step back, release the madness (for the final time) and return to a space of beautiful sanity. Ergo maintaining healthy Sim-related bonds and sharing our diverse creative talents!

      Before I plunge into Sim things, I also wanted to publicly acknowledge how awesome I think you are. And while I may be a little biased, I've never known you to be anything but AWESOME. ☮ Thank you for your genuine friendship over the years. A smile for you... David used to think that you and I were really brother and sister because of how we are with one another and the use of Bro and Sis as well. He just reminded me of that as I sit typing.

      The reason I am seeking you out is to inform you that I've made progress with OUR Risa Project. Yes, I said Project!◕‿↼

      It started out as a lot, but I needed an island to put the lot on. Unfortunately, after literally downloading and testing over 40 island lots...I can only quote B5's Zathras by saying, "Not the one!"

      So, I decided to make an island myself. But, that became a challenge when my Sim City 4 disc decided it was no longer interested in loading after install. I tried a few techie tricks that did not pan out and finally David suggested downloading Sim City 4 from Origin and VOILA! I was back in business and I created a little...okay a rather sizeable Island to represent Risa. It has 4 neat lot sections with a lagoon, a bay, steep cliffs, several beach plots and a unique design. It's brilliant and you will love it!

      Today, I am smoothing the island's edges in Sims City 4 and packaging the SC4 Neighborhood Map. Then...Risa shall ascend from the ashes of the isle, masked in the environment shield of protection! Mwa-ha-ah! ᕙ(ʘ‿ʘ)ᕗ

      I have yet to decide how many lots there will be. But, I'm looking forward to the creative festivities. I have a few ideas that I'm exploring. So, for now...I tease you with intentions and no images to back it up yet! Ha ha...��

      And on that note...

      Have a great week my friend. Qapla’!

      @ Paradox
      Stay strong and find your inner peace. Do your thing to release the angst and then channel your energy into things something creative, your own creative website, an on-line Simming Picture book, or Astrology as you have hinted at. In creating, we share the best of who we are!


    2. Hi, Steph!

      I finally figured it out. For some bizarre reason, Blogger was marking your comments as spam (most likely to mess with my head).

      I'm glad you were able to reach Jess and have a constructive dialogue with her. I'm sorry things went down the way they did at Hat's blog; I did what could be done to repair the rift. I won't belabor the point. I said what I needed to say, Hat responded, She Who Shall Not Be Named responded, I responded to her.

      There were a couple of parts of her response that seemed deliberately disingenuous to me ("...We have minors visiting all the time and I can't be 100% sure they don't make it into the "adult" section...", "...I did get messaged by quite a few members which included the two that openly stated their opinions of it..."), and a part that's verifiably false ("...I don't believe it's right to remove members that respectfully share their feelings about something..."), but I feel that at this point I'm beating the reanimated carcass of a dead horse. She continues to do her thing, I continue to do my thing, and life goes on.

      I'm not thrilled with the way she handled my conflict. Given the new evidence posted at "A Case Study In Sims 2 Forum Ettiquette",I think the way she handled your situation was reprehensible, and with these new revelations I have my doubts that Jess's situation was all that she claims it was. But I don't want my blog to become the same maelstrom of forum-drama and shit-slinging that The Site That Shall Not Be Named has become, so I won't spend any more time on the topic. It's energy better spent on creating things... like gongs and Taiko drums (hint, hint).

      *blushes* Aw, shucks. We do have a lot of creative interests in common (Star Trek and Sims 2 for starters), and way back in our MTS days, our abilities seemed to complement each other on the projects we collaborated on. We're siblings in spirit, if nothing else.

      :O That's amazing that you're actually moving forward with the Risa project. You're so much more brilliant at lot building than I am and I'm always floored by your creativity. I still have all my old horgh'an objects somewhere on my first external hard drive. I can just imagine the pristine white sands and acres on lush jungle now!

      The tortoiseshell tyrant is making me sign off so I can feed her and rub her belly, that's all for tonight. Please get some rest and take care of yourself and of David.