Thursday, November 15, 2018

Action News: Freedom of the Press, Pt. 2

Happy Friday, everybody!

Intro in English:

Action News: Freedom of the Press is a two-part follow-up to the Action News set. Part 2 is new set of camera objects and accessories, and the poses/overlays to accompany them. While the original set is fairly complete as is, Coni suggested that I add some SLR cameras and protest signs for more storytelling options.

While I consider this a sister project to the Combate Moderno series, and it dovetails nicely with Combate Moderno, Action News is an independent initiative, and for this project, the presentation will be primarily in English and the posebox strings are written in English.

Introducción en Español

Action News: Freedom of the Press es una continuación en dos partes del conjunto Action News. La segunda parte es un nuevo conjunto de cámaras (objetos y accesorios), y las poses / overlay que los acompañan. Si bien el conjunto original es bastante completo tal como está, Coni sugirió que agregaba algunas cámaras SLR y letreros de protesta para más opciones de narración de historias.

Si bien considero que este es un proyecto hermano de la serie Combate Moderno, y encaja muy bien con Combate Moderno, Action News es una iniciativa independiente, y para este proyecto, la presentación será principalmente en inglés y los comandos del posesbox están escritos en inglés.


First and foremost, to Coni for the original concept, for much of the creative energy that went into the project, for the design of the news station logos, for constant feedback on how to improve the project, and probably for about ten other hings I've neglected to mention.

The meshes for the Canon, FujiFilm, Lumix, telephoto, wide-angle, professional camera, and minicam are courtesy of CanNav.

The Pentax ME camera is courtesy of 2fingerswhiskey.

The small semipro camera model is courtesy of Oo-fil-oO

The 3to2 Camera is courtesy of Crisps&Kerosene

The Nikon camera is courtesy of victormiguelcreations

Warning: Intense Picspam ahead

The Objects

All of the objects included in this set.


Catalog:  Electronics/Misc §227-1763

Function: Deco

Polys: High to extremely high

Recolorable subsets: base

Egghead stuff: All of the camera objects are deco.

Building Signs

Catalog: Deco/Misc §3516

Function: Deco

Polys: low

Recolorable subsets: base

Egghead stuff: Two big objects intended to be used as outdoor signage.


Catalog: Hobbies/Misc §1

Function: Special

Polys: low

Recolorable subsets: base

Egghead stuff: The posebox contains all of the poses and overlays to be used with this set.


The van, copter, motorbike, microphone, and anchor desk backdrop all have eight color options, and each recolor is the logo of a fictional news station. All credit for the design of the logos goes to Coni.


Here are the accessories included in this set.


A guide to the poses included in this set. Note: for some of the poses below, you'll need the Hi-res camera and tripod form the original Action News set (if you don't have them already).

Accessories: A set of seven new accessories. The reporter's microphone has eight recolors, to correspond with each fictional news station in this set. The accesories are all binned using my (Project 2395/Midnight at.../Combate Moderno) binning system, not Nix's/my binning system (Swords for Morgaine/The Armory). The all of the accessories in this set are binned as right-hand accessories.

The protest signs are intended to be easy-to-recolor DIY templates so that you can make your own signs.

All of the accessories have a custom thumbnail for easy location


In the studio or on the ground, Action News works hard to bring the news to you!

Download from de Sim File Share

Action News: Freedom of the Press, Pt. 2- The Accessories

Action News: Freedom of the Press, Pt. 2- The Objects


  1. I love this set, especially the protest signs! . . . and I agree about stopping the christmas decorations: it's only november!

    1. Hi, Xia! Thank you. This was a fun set to make. And yes! Thanksgiving needs its space.

  2. You credited the Pentax ME wrong - I'm 2FingersWhiskey and I made it. This is great, though!

  3. Also as for the Canon EOS line, they need lenses atttached or they won't work! I love love love this set but I thought I'd point it out because it doesn't seem they do have anything attached.

    1. Sorry about that. I honestly didn't recall where I'd found the Pentax model. The credit has been fixed.

      I appreciate the advice. I'm hopelessly daft regarding DSLR photography. I'm up to my neck in other projects right now, but I may eventually get around to doing a sequel project or a fix for this project, and I'll make the Canon models my top priority.

    2. I am a photographer, so if you ever need help just message me on Tumblr or something (same username as the LiveJournal). As for lenses, there are a dearth of 3D models for Canon EOS Mount (the proper lenses for those).

      I personally use film so this set having a bunch of film SLRs is great. A DSLR is a digital SLR, that's the difference - if it's just an SLR, it's film.

      And no worries! People often mess crap like that up, I do it ALL the time due to how many times something had been converted. The original model is by 8-3 Studio but I completely fixed it and did it over.

    3. (Sorry for the delayed response, posting stuff) I think that was one of the issues with finding the original models to begin with. I usually search at Free3D (which has almost no camera models), 3D CadNav (which has a few, but most of the models have 150k+ polys), or 3D Warehouse (which has exclusively .skp models that must then be manually rebuilt in Blender). I'll keep an eye out for the lens, but right now it's slim pickings.

      I'm relatively new to the Tumblrs, but I will keep that in mind if I need technical advice for upcoming projects. The Action News projects aren't a regular series (like Combate Moderno or Midnight at...) so this one wasn't in the original plan; Coni and I came up with the idea pretty much on the fly. I'm not sure if/when we'll be doing another sequel to Action News, but if you have anything you'd like to see in a sequel, I'd love your input.

    4. I'd definitely like to see news desk stuff, poses for a weather man pointing on a green screen, or poses for interviewing people on the street.

      As for meshes - may I suggest this?

    5. Cool! Very helpful. I hadn't seen those lenses before. They're .skp models so it might take a bit more work to convert them, but they look reasonable as far as poly count.

      I'm a bit overwhelmed with other projects right now, but someday soon I'll get to work on these.

  4. "Stop premature Christmas decorating!!!!" YES. In Canada our Thanksgiving is in October (it celebrates a crashed ship's crew surviving the night and feasting together thinking they'd die but they didn't, not what Americans celebrate at all) and decorations went up IN SEPTEMBER FOR SOME PEOPLE. STOOOOPPPPPP. I love the lights and stuff but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! That sign cracked me up XD

    1. Yesssss! The last photo was made as kind of a joke, just to emphasize how easy the protest signs are to use and recolor, but that does kind of irk me. I live in a fairly big city in northern Mexico, where about half of the people follow U.S. traditions and half of the people don't. I see people putting up the lights mid-october and I just want to scream "F*ck!!! Give Thanksgiving its space!"

    2. YES! Not to mention saving electricity, if you put it up later. My dad just got a free tree from a friend who managed to get about 8 or 10 of them from an abandoned storage locker at the place he runs, they're brand new, and we're all like "let's not put this up for another two weeks" because it feels WEIRD to put it up so soon.

  5. Sería increíble que hicieras diferentes tipos de luces y objetos para poder crear nuestros programas de TV o escenarios.
    Es increíble todo lo que haces. Gracias!

    1. Gracias! Por el momento, este proyecto (Action News) no es activo, pero tomaré la sugerencia en consideración por si en el futuro hago una secuela.