Thursday, September 19, 2019

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Dress Uniforms Pack 2

Happy Friday, folks.


When I was writing my story (Harmony Station), I realized that I lacked dress uniforms in colors other than Command Red. This is the second (of two) sets of dress uniform recolors. It contains dress uniforms for Medical and Security divisions, in six male and nine female sizes


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. The Project 2395 uniforms were good for the time that I made them, but I've learned a bit more about body meshing since then and these sets are intended to be an overall improvement.

Everything is organized neatly into subfolders, so you can quickly and easily remove anything you don´t like.

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

I tried to comply with the TOU of the original creators. To my knowledge, all of the original creators either allow redistribution or have been inactive now for a long time.

First and foremost, SynapticSim for the high boot mesh that I used as a base for the modified clothing meshes, the LBB bodyshape,  as well as for the AF, LBB, SBBv2, BBv2, HBB, AG and BBG meshes included in the uniform folder (Syn's policy graciously allows redistribution), and probably another half-dozen things I'm forgetting. This project would simply not been possible without his original work. Syn, you are a god among Simmers.

Amaryll for the original military coat mesh

Julie J for the July77 Slim Male edit and the Sussi edit. These were the base meshes I used for my new clothing meshes. You rock, Julie.

Marvine for the original groundwork that went into the Slim Bodybuilder (SBB), Bodybuilder (BB), Huge Bodybuilder (HBB), Athletic Girl (AG), and Bodybuilder Girl (BBG) body shapes.

Warlokk for the Fashion Model (FM), Rio, and CPU bodies

Poppeboy for the FitChick bodyshape

Franniesims for the original Momma Lisa bodyshape. Sigmund Sims for the blockfoot mesh that I modified to make the outfit meshes for Momma Lisa

July77 for the slim male mesh

SussiSoGoodSims for the Sussi bodyshape

More under the cut.

Dress Uniforms (Medical Division)

Dress Uniforms (Security Division)

Snazzy military dress uniforms. I gender- and size- converted the mesh to all of the "regular" sizes using Lifa's WSO actions.

Body Shop etc...

Because I'm something of an organization freak, I made sure everything was organized, binned, categorized, and custom thumbnail'd. There are two versions available to download: Tooltip'd and BSOK'd. Choose whichever you prefer. You'll need the mesh pack for both versions.

You can find the whole set at Sim File Share. Only select one version.

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Dress Uniform Pack 2- Tooltipp'd

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Dress Uniform Pack 2- BSOK'd

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The BHS Repose Project Presents... Splish Splash!


The BHS Repose Project is a new initiative to revitalize and repurpose previously released poseboxes by other creators. After several discussions about badly made older poseboxes, and one epic RANT on Tumblr, I'm finally getting serious about making some reposes.

This posebox:

There are a lot of bathtub poseboxes out there. Sadly, there aren't a lot of GOOD bathtub poseboxes out there. Splish Splash is the solution. It's a medley of reposes from several bathtub poseboxes, plus a few original poses. In addition, I've included a set of posing objects (wineglasses) to help complete the poses.

As with all of my poseboxes, the poses are correctly articulated to work on all body sizes, all poses can be stopped with a single command, all poses are clearly labeled, and face overlays are included.


As always, first and foremost to Coni, for the original idea and for helping to playtest.

The PBK Discord for providing feedback and encouragement.

Screaming Mustard, Illary, Pixelate Me, Roy_D, and littlesimgirl for the original poseboxes

Single poses

Couple poses

Wineglass props

These are simple, high-poly objects for use with the wineglass poses. I originally wanted to make them as Decorgal-style accessories, but unfortunately that couldn't be done. These wineglasses can be found in Deco/Misc for §15.

To use the wineglasses, place them on one of SilentLucidity's OMSP (preferably 3 or 4), raise the OMSP about four clicks, and enter the code boolprop snapObjectsToGrid false to fine-tune the placement.

That's all for now.

Download from Sim File Share:

Splish Splash

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Merrie Minstrels V: We've Come Full Circle

Happy Friday, all!

The Merrie Minstrels saga continues! If you don't already own every other download in the series (Shame on you!), you can find them here:

• The Merrie Minstrels

• Merrie Minstrels II: Meriminsutoreru

• Merrie Minstrels III: Bittersweet Symphony

• Merrie Minstrels 3.5: On the March

• Merrie Minstrels IV: Carnaval!

• Merrie Minstrels 4.5: Cores da Escola!

Just over three years ago, I made this cool new set of musical instruments as Body Shop accessories, along with a set of instrument overlays to accompany them. This little set of storytelling props proved to be one of my most popular creations of all time. I originally thought of The Merrie Minstrels as a one-shot (as in, I had no plans to make an immediate sequel), but I was overwhelmed by the critical acclaim it received, and eventually followed it up with four sequels, each with a unique theme.

Recently, my friend Davina made a fresh new set of playable musical instruments called Fiddlin' Around. I thought the new instruments looked neat and so asked her permission to convert them into accessories. While The Merrie Minstrels is fairly complete, I felt that I didn't do it justice in regard to the horns and woodwinds, so I took it upon myself to convert a couple of sets of Baroque instrument meshes to round out the set. Lastly, I looked for a decently-detailed low poly balalaika (something I felt was sorely missing from the original set).

We've Come Full Circle references that The Merrie Minstrels was conceived as a set of medieval/ fantasy instruments and this set is a callback to it.


Davina Ojeda for the Dragon Age Inquisition, TSM, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3 instrument conversions.

d-jpp for the cornet, fife, crumhorn, shawm, twin horn, and tamborine models

Stasma for the balalaika model

Color actions:

All of the natural-ish recolors were made using Pooklet's Project Mayhem Collector's Edition.

There are a lot of different clothes used here. Thank you andavri, Sunni, AlmightyHat, Aligeth, Lothere, yuxi, and anyone I forgot to mention.

The marketplace lot is Market Square by riekus13.

I'd be hard-pressed to mention them all. The tavern uses Lama's Nine Archers Meadhall furniture. The marketplace uses mostly Sunni's Farmers Market objects.

Body Shop:
Each of these accessories was painstakingly hand-edited. Hand, hip, and back accessories are binned separately (uses NixNivis's/my old school binning system, not Project 2395/Midnight at.../Combate Moderno binning system). The accessories can be used with all outfits except nude and swimwear. Each accessory has a custom thumbnail for easy identification and a clear description in the tooltip.

Instrument Overlays:
These are instrument overlays (they only "lock" the arms and shoulders, the joints that play the instrument. The rest of the body can move freely). I'm not really a music guy. The poses are named based on the hand positions of the sims, and were created primarily with storytelling in mind. 

Lower Body Overlays:
These overlays can be combined with the upper body overlays. For posing the sims on horseback, please note that these poses rely on placing the sim in the slot on Feenwald's saddle. You'll need Dragon Slave's horses and Feenwald's riding set.

Travel accessories:
These are the body ("travel") accessories; as noted above, the hip and back accessories are binned separately and can be combined.

Q: So where are the teen accessories, J?

A: It took me enough time just to make the adult accessories. Seriously, like two full weeks, even with a lot of the resources recycled from previous project. There will be no teen accessories for the time being. If some valiant soul feels like converting this or any other Merrie Minstrels set for teens, I'll happily provide the resources. 

Q: Why didn't you make separate carrying accessories for (insert your favorite body size here)?

A: I tried to make them practical for AM/AF minstrels in regular-ish loose-fitting clothing. If you use different body sizes, there will probably be some clipping. Again, it's a time thing. I don't have the time on my hands to convert them to three or four different body sizes.

Q: Why did you make them as Body Shop accessories? Why didn't you make them as Decorgal-style props that can be spawned in the sim's hand?

A: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! There are two, maybe three, active creators who can actually pull of Decorgal-style accessories. I had two weeks to dedicate to the project, not two years.

Q: Didn't you just do a Merrie Minstrels project, like, two months ago

A. Yes. Carnaval! was intended to coincide with opening day of the carnaval in Brazil. Davina's instruments were mad popular, and I'm hoping to take advantage of that creative momentum to generate a bit more engagement for this project.

Q: Do you have any future plans for the Merrie Minstrels projects?

A: Immediately, no. The Merrie Minstrels projects are insanely complicated and I generally only attempt about one/year (this year being the exception). If/when I choose to take on another Merrie Minstrels project, it will most likely be late 2020.

Q: I like this set, but... (litany of complaints on MTS)

A: Okay, so provide constructive feedback. I openly admit that I'm not the brightest light in the harbor when it comes to music and instruments. I can't see your feedback if you're whinging on about it on some completely unrelated forum.

The file is a bit heavy; even Compressorized and .rar'd, it's just south of 20 mb. The instruments are organized into folders, so you can keep only the ones you want or the entire set.