Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sorry for the delay...

Hey, people.

Just a couple of quick notes.

• Please excuse the delay- Like many creators, I was affected by Windows 10 update 1709. For those who aren't aware, the most recent update to Windows 10 seriously fucked up a bunch of creators' games.

If you happen to have Windows 10, The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, and a 10 series Nvidia graphics card, you know where I'm coming from. This combination is the perfect storm. It renders the game unplayable for more than about 10 minutes (even with the 4 GB patch) and turns your neighborhoods into flashing purple chowder.

There's a really good help forum here:

My respects to gwynne, CatOfEvilGenius, and the other Simmers out there working valiantly to find a solution, but nothing I tried worked and with sooooo many projects in various stages of development I couldn't be sidelined that long. So I had one of my RL best friends (and my go-to tech guy) remove Windows 10 and install Windows 7.

I've been working on projects since then, having two- and three-hour sessions with absolutely no issues.

Much like a short-order cook whose stove just got repaired and can't get the orders out, I have projects in queue but wasn't able to publish this week.

Coni and I are still working as hard as we can on pending projects. If all goes as planned, I'll be publishing a double feature next week.

•Cave scouts are people, too- Over at Sims Cave, the TS2 update section hasn't getting regular updates. I implore you as Simmers, please be patient and don't spread the hate. The cave scouts provide a valuable service to the community, but they're volunteers who have families and lives and RL shit to deal with, just as we do. Dagi is overwhelmed with an MA thesis, Julie recently suffered a personal tragedy, and there just aren't admins to spare for the TS2 updates threads right now. So just chill the fuck out; they'll update the thread when they have time to update the thread.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday, January 26, 2018

Midnight at the Mess Hall- Replimat Essentials

Happy Friday, everybody!


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. My original vision was much like Modular Furniture Series 4. The difference is that whereas MFS4 was utopian and clean-ish, Midnight is more gritty, for creating sinister, dystopian sets. The objects are made from scratch by me, and thoroughly tested.

This is the second of probably four "neutral" (non-divisional) sets. Since the dining hall/kitchen/replimat set was such a huge undertaking, I broke it up into two parts. As per usual, it blends seamlessly with the objects from the other Midnight sets.

This set is for build-to-suit dining areas and replimats.

The file includes:

Replicators and Matter Retreival Units: The replicators spawn any food you like. The matter retreival units disintegrate plates, trash, and uneaten food. This set contains three of each.

Tables: Tables in various sizes and lengths, to build your dining room however you like. One set has just the base texture, and the other has a subdued glowing surface. A total of nine simple and nine lit tables.

Seating: Two dining chairs, a loveseat, and a sofa.

And of course a collection file.

I've included the master objects for the base and monitor textures in a separate folder. You don't need them if you already have Midnight at the Cryo Lab installed.


Sophie-David  for the base object I used for the matter retreival units.

Palladin's Place  for the original replicator object. The site no longer exists :(.

Warning: Heavy Picspam ahead

Friday, January 19, 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody.

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday. 2017 has been a good year for me overall, with lots of changes (mostly good). I got a new PC and took a few months off to test its capabilities playing Skyrim SE and Fallout 4. But I came back strong with a new plan for revitalizing my blog, and here we are.

Overall, I made 11 posts on Blue Heaven Sims Adult and 14 on Blue Heaven Sims. That boils down to a new post about every two weeks. Not great, but definitely not as productive as some previous years. I hope that 2018 will bring about more inspiration and more creativity.

I’ve worked solo throughout the vast majority of my modding/ storytelling career, with occasional collaborations. This year, I met a very cool, very motivated fan from Argentina, and we hit it off immediately and have been friends since. Coni deserves a lot of credit for my contributions in the last few months; her ideas are great, and her help in developing outfits and textures for both blogs has been invaluable. I have big things planned for 2018, and a lot of them will involve Coni’s contributions.

I’ve moved away from doing What’s Next?/ On the Horizon- type posts, because I feel that they put undue pressure on me to create, and that stresses me out. I’m a bit OCD when it comes down to planning and organizing my projects, but making those plans public is where the problems begin. So no, won’t be doing that again.

Generally speaking, here’s what I hope to accomplish:

Both blogs/ general:

• I will finish dismantling my remaining story blogs (Blue Heaven Stories and Blue Heaven Stories, Volume 2) and making the stories available as .pdf downloads. I’m about 45-50% done with this project.

• I will update my existing tutorials to the new Tutorial Library format, and make them available in both English and Spanish. I know this is kind of redundant because MTS already has a lot of good tutorials, but I feel that in most cases, I explain the concepts more clearly. There are currently three different slot tutorials out there, for example, but each only explains the concept partially, and you have to read bits and pieces of all three to get the object to work right. Also, there are very few quality Spanish-language tutorials available.

• If the story-writing bug bites me again, I may attempt a reboot of the unfinished Harmony Station, but using assets from the Midnight projects.

Blue Heaven Sims:

• I still have about 12-14 Midnight at… subprojects in various stages of conceptualization and development.

• There will be at least 3-4 more Combate Moderno uploads

• A few other unrelated projects (objects, accessories, and poses)

Blue Heaven Sims Adult:

• A few sets that tie into Midnight at…

• At least 3-4 more Rio Resurgence posts.

• Some unrelated posing projects and maybe two or three more unrelated projects

If you’re driving, don’t drink. If you’re drinking, don’t drive. Best wishes for 2018!

-the ocelot

Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017

Combate Moderno: Suministros Pt 1

Merry Christmas, Jolly Saturnalia, and Happy Festivus! Happy holidays all around.

Intro in English:

It's official! Combate Moderno is now an ongoing miniseries. It will be posted "magazine" style; that is to say with 1-4 unrelated "articles" about every 3-5 weeks, depending on other projects and how quickly I can put them together.

Suministros Pt. 1 is the first of a few posts featuring random military supplies. This set includes helmet accessories: a steel WWII-era helmet, a "hard hat" style helmet for MPs and engineering corps, a few recolors of SynapticSyn's infantry-style helmet, and a tactical helmet in four styles and five colors.

The helmets use my (Project 2395/Midnight at...) binning system, as opposed to Nix's/ my (Swords for Morgaine/The Armory) binning system. They're binned as helmets (duh!), available for YA-Elder and can be worn with casual, formal, gym clothes, and outerwear. Like most of my accessories, they include custom Body Shop thumbnails.

Combate Moderno was originally conceived by my super-friend, alpha tester, and collaborator Coni. She is currently writing a Spanish-language military sci-fi story and was in dire need of props and accessories. The rest of the post will be in Spanish, but feel free to leave questions and feedback in English as well.

Introducción en Español

¡Es oficial! Combate Moderno es ahora una miniserie. Se publicará estilo "revista"; es decir, con 1 a 4 "artículos" no relacionados cada 3-5 semanas, dependiendo de otros proyectos y de cuán rápido los ensamblar.
Suministros Pt. 1 es el primero de unas cuantas publicaciones con el tema de suministros militares. Este conjunto incluye cascos como accesorios: un casco de acero de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, un casco de estilo "protector" para policías militares y cuerpos de ingeniería, algunos recolors del casco de infantería SynapticSyn y un casco táctico en cuatro estilos y cinco colores.

Los cascos usan mi sistema de binning (Project 2395 / Midnight at ...), a diferencia del sistema de binning de NixNivis (Swords for Morgaine / The Armory). Están categorizados como cascos (¡duh!), Disponibles para colegial-anciano y se pueden usar con ropa casual, formal, de gimnasia y ropa de abrigo. Como la mayoría de mis accesorios, incluyen miniaturas personalizadas de Body Shop.

Combate Moderno fue originalmente concebido por mi super-amiga, alpha tester y colaborador Coni. Actualmente está escribiendo una historia de ciencia ficción militar en español y le urgían materiales y accesorios. Mi primer idioma es el inglés, pero con gusto acepto comentarios y retroalimentación en español.


Primero que nada, a Coni por la concepcion del proyecto, por las texturas, por ayudarme a probar los materiales alpha de los cascos, y por los recolores de los cascos de SynapticSim.

A T0ke por el mesh original del casco de infanteria.

A SynapticSim por convertir el modelo en mesh para Sims 2, por tener una política de redistribución tan genial, y por seguir creando contenido asombrante durante todos estos años. Eres lo máximo, Syn.

A Earind por el mesh y la textura del casco de acero.

A zheca por el mesh y la textura del casco táctico.

A MorBius por el mesh del casco de seguridad.

Aviso: Un montón de fotos. Tarda un rato en cargar.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Midnight at the Geolab

Hi, everybody! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. My original vision was much like Modular Furniture Series 4. The difference is that whereas MFS4 was utopian and clean-ish, Midnight is more gritty, for creating sinister, dystopian sets. The objects are made from scratch by me, and thoroughly tested.

This is a medium-sized set for setting up research labs. Remember the cool geological samples the away team brought back from Midnight on the Surface? Now it's time to analyze them!

The file includes:

Lab Equipment: A set of functional, usable objects for analyzing geological samples.

Wallpanels: A set of deco objects for covering your lab's walls.

Workstations: Desks and counters for setting up the lab equipment. Can be placed against the wall or on in the center of the room. Designed to be stacked together

Also includes glass recolors, the geological sample from Midnight on the Surface, and of course a collection file.

I've included the master objects for the base and chair textures in a separate folder. You don't need them if you already have Midnight at the Cryo Lab  and Midnight at the Crew Quarters installed.


Dr. Pixel for the original object that would eventually become the skilling consoles

Katy76 for the original microscope object

Warning: Intense Picspam ahead

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Guest Upload- Combate Moderno recolors for Midnight on the Surface

Happy Saturday, everybody!

This is a neat little set of 24 recolors made by Coni for the supply case texture from Midnight on the Surface. The object set must be downloaded separately. As can be seen in the title card pic, the recolors can be applied to all of the objects that use the texture. They're a great complement to the Combate Moderno set.

Note: The textures aren't mine. They're shared with Coni's permission. It's her first recolor set, so please be nice in the comments.

Este es un conjunto pequeño de 24 recolores hechos por Coni para la textura del estuche de Midnight on the Surface. Los objetos deben descargarse por separado. Como se puede ver en la foto de la muestra, los recolores se pueden aplicar a todos los objetos que utilizan la textura. Son un gran complemento para los objetos y accessorios de Combate Moderno.

Nota: Las texturas no son mías. Los comparto con el permiso de Coni. Es su primer conjunto de colores, así que sean amables con los comentarios.


Download from/ Descarga de Sim File Share:

Combate Moderno recolors for Midnight on the Surface