Sunday, July 24, 2011

Skrum and Xochitl

He's a fortune-seeking Ferengi, captain of the freighter Itzkualtzin (formerly Adelaida) and usually on the wrong side of the law. She's a common-caste Coatl, former servant of Citlali, Master of House Tlazoteotl. Fate brought them together, and the rest is history.

Skrum's height is about average for a Ferengi, .93. Xochitl is a bit taller, at 1.0.


Skrum: Eyes by Genesims
            Skintone and hair texture by K'Ehleyr. I've included a link to the original post; unfortuantely, K' hasn't uploaded the skintone and hair seperately. You have to download the entire sim.
           Hair mesh by mininessie

Xochitl: Eyes by Aneh
            Skintone by sunken-woglinde
            Clothes by SerendipityHQ



Monday, July 18, 2011

Reva (Reva Kaliska)

Jethro's childhood friend and former love interest, a skilled mechanic and lute player, and an important supporting character in Blue Heaven Stories. You've seen her on the calendar, you've seen her in the stories. Now you can have her for your game!

She comes unStretched, in-game I have her height set to .96. That seems like the best height for her.

Blush by LaPink (Dead site)
Lashes, Lipstick by Bruno
Brows by La_Exotique
Eyeshadow by CuriousB
Hair color by Leia Style
Hair mesh by Mod Kitty
Clothes by SynapticSim
Clothing mesh by Marvine

Reva Kaliska

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rear Admiral Daro Parrin

Another request by my friend, WarpCrab1

Just what your game needs: a big, strapping Bolian. A good friend of Admiral Sovak, currently stationed at Copernicus City, Luna.

He comes standard height: 1.0. Seems like a good height for him.

Note: He comes with K'Ehleyr's bolian skintone, standard size. K'Ehleyr doesn't allow her skins and clothing to be modified, so he'll shrink down to normal size in the shower. You can easily modify the skintone for BB, but per K's terms of use it can't be redistributed. Please be respectful of this.

Eyes by Bruno
Skintone, uniform, rank insignia, and combadge by K'Ehleyr
The accesories require a mesh to display correctly. Find it here: Strangelove Ranks and Combadges

Rear Admiral Daro Parrin

Monday, July 4, 2011

Keeve, Melana, and Fermik

A team of adventurers who came to Grak'Go'Kor in search of new horizons. Keeve and Melana are childhood friends; Fermik joined them shortly after the Battle of Blue Heaven.

They all come unstretched. Keeve and Fermik are slightly above average height, stretch them to 1.02. Melana's height is best at about .96

Fermik comes packaged with the required accesory recolors, but you'll also need the meshes (included in the file) to get the accesories to display correctly. The original textures and meshes are by two very talented creators: generalzoi and NixNivis. I did almost nothing: I moved a couple of sliders around in PhotardShop. All credit for the awesomeness of the recolors belongs to the original creators, and thank you for your generous TOU.

Keeve's CCs

Melana's CCs

Fermik's CCs


Eyes are Maxis
Hair by Rose Sims 2 (paysite link), Arrr, matey! it here: PMBD
Clothes by Saturn Space

Lipstick, lashes, eyes, and brows by Bruno
Skintone by Louis@SimCribbling
Hair by Coolsims
Clothes by [FadeToBlack]

Eyes by Pickpock
Arm, face, and head fins are a recolor of an accesory by generalzoi (meshes included)
Antenna is a recolor of an accesory by NixNivis (meshes included)
Skintone by Astiees
Clothes by Maxis

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lamira Indahal & Theli Zh'Nas

A merchant captain and her co-pilot, they hooked up with Jethro in a hot 3-way. Here they are, still in search of adventure.
Nothing special here. I'm not sure what happened to Lamira's original hair, I packaged her with a slightly different hair. Thanks to all the talented creators who made this possible.

They come unstretched. I recommend about .97 for Lamira. Theli's a bit shorter, about .95.

Lamira's CC's

Theli's CC's


Lipstick and eyes by Bruno
Blush by Barcelonista
Eyelashes by GE @ E-studio. The site is dead, you can find most of her stuffz here: Ephemera
Eyebrows by Anva
Trill skin by Nextor Torres
Hair by Peggysims (payiste link). Arr, matey! it here: PMBD
Top and Bottom by [FadeToBlack]

Brows by Ga-Laxy
Face makeup by Rensim. The site seems to be dead, most of the creator's stuffz is available here: Rensim Downloads. Thanx to Sawcat for the link.
Moar face makeup by A.S.K. (homepage), atomicspacekitty (MTS link)
Even moar face makeup by Navatsea
Eyes and lipstick by Bruno
Andorian antennae by NixNivis
Andorian skintone by Getagirl/ Darth Geta
Hair by Raon Sims (paysite link) Arrr, matey! it here: PMBD
Top and bottom by Shatarja

Lamira Indahal

Theli Zh'nas