Saturday, November 25, 2017

Guest Upload- Combate Moderno recolors for Midnight on the Surface

Happy Saturday, everybody!

This is a neat little set of 24 recolors made by Coni for the supply case texture from Midnight on the Surface. The object set must be downloaded separately. As can be seen in the title card pic, the recolors can be applied to all of the objects that use the texture. They're a great complement to the Combate Moderno set.

Note: The textures aren't mine. They're shared with Coni's permission. It's her first recolor set, so please be nice in the comments.

Este es un conjunto pequeño de 24 recolores hechos por Coni para la textura del estuche de Midnight on the Surface. Los objetos deben descargarse por separado. Como se puede ver en la foto de la muestra, los recolores se pueden aplicar a todos los objetos que utilizan la textura. Son un gran complemento para los objetos y accessorios de Combate Moderno.

Nota: Las texturas no son mías. Los comparto con el permiso de Coni. Es su primer conjunto de colores, así que sean amables con los comentarios.


Download from/ Descarga de Sim File Share:

Combate Moderno recolors for Midnight on the Surface

Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

New clothing set at BHSA!

Warning: Naked bits. Click on the image to leave Blue Heaven sims.

Midnight at the Quartermaster- Part 2

Happy Friday, folks.


A new set of clothes, this time for the tech division (two down, three to go!). The techs are the Sims tasked with keeping Midnight Station running, and take care of most of the menial, day-to-day tasks.

This set includes recolors of the standard uniform and rank pips, a new belt mesh (the tech division belt looks more like a tool pouch than a utility belt), and a brand new mesh for coveralls.


The Midnight overproject represents a return to my roots: sci-fi stuff. The Project 2395 uniforms were good for the time that I made them, but I've learned a bit more about body meshing since then and these sets are intended to be an overall improvement.

Thech uniform set include uniforms, belts, and rank pips.

The coveralls set includes two versions (standard and no jacket/tank top).

The original meshes for the Syn's high boots are included. Additionally, I made custom meshes for the high boots using the FM, FitChick, Sussi, Rio, Momma Lisa, and Slim Male body sizes. The coveralls mesh is a bit of a patch job; it's a mashup of the uniform set and two Maxis meshes.

In the near future, I'll make some goodies for the tech team that will include hand tools.

Everything is organized neatly into subfolders, so you can quickly and easily remove anything you don´t like.

Credits and permissions

TOU has always been a thing for me. Respect mine and I'll respect yours.

I tried to comply with the TOU of the original creators. To my knowledge, all of the original creators either allow redistribution or have been inactive now for a long time.

First and foremost, SynapticSim for the high boot mesh that I used as a base for the modified clothing meshes, the LBB bodyshape, the harness bit I used for the safety gear, the Overwatch-stly goggles mesh, as well as for the AF, LBB, SBBv2, BBv2, HBB, AG and BBG meshes included in the Science uniform folder (Syn's policy graciously allows redistribution), and probably another half-dozen things I'm forgetting. This project would simply not been possible without his original work. Syn, you are a god among Simmers.

Julie J for the July77 Slim Male edit and the Sussi edit. These were the base meshes I used for my new clothing meshes. You rock, Julie.

Marvine for the original groundwork that went into the Slim Bodybuilder (SBB), Bodybuilder (BB), Huge Bodybuilder (HBB), Athletic Girl (AG), and Bodybuilder Girl (BBG) body shapes.

Warlokk for the Fashion Model (FM), Rio, and CPU bodies

Poppeboy for the FitChick bodyshape

Franniesims for the original Momma Lisa bodyshape. Sigmund Sims for the blockfoot mesh that I modified to make the outfit meshes for Momma Lisa

July77 for the slim male mesh

SussiSoGoodSims for the Sussi bodyshape

More under the cut.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Combate Moderno

Happy Friday, everybody. I apologize as this isn't the type of stuff I normally post. This project was made as a special request for my friend Coni. As her first language is Spanish, as is my second language, the entirety of the project (objects in the catalog, accesories, poses, etc.) is labeled in Spanish, and the text of this post will also be in Spanish following this brief introduction. The short version: the set includes 10 military aircraft in two versions (flying and landed) and operator poses for each object, 8 firearms accessories (five assault rifles, two sniper rifles, and a combat shotgun) and two overlay poses for each accessory, two headgear accessories, and a whole mess of combat poses and face overlays.

El proyecto incluye objetos, accesorios, y poses con un tema militar.

No es el tipo de proyecto que hago normalmente; profeso ignorancia casi total tanto de aviones de combate y de armas de fuego. Fue hecho por la solicitud de Coni, una gran amiga y escritora. Hay muchos modelos, tanto de aviones y de armas, en sitios de modelos 3D, tal como TurboSquid y CadNav, pero hasta donde conozco no han hecho conversiones de aviones, y las conversiones de armas (y más importantemente poses por esas armas) son muy contados, y casi imposible de encontrar. Este proyecto tiene por objeto llenar ese gran vacio.

El proyecto incluye objetos, accesorios, y poses con un tema militar. El propósito es crear un recurso para escritores y creadores de historietas. Espero que les agrada.

El archivo incluye:

Objetos: Diez aviones de guerra en dos versiones (en vuelo y aterrizado) por un total de 20 objetos, un SMSP para Sims y objetos, y una caja de poses.

Accesorios: Una boina militar en tres colores, un casco de piloto, cinco rifles de asalto, dos rifles de francotirador, y una escopeta de combate.

Y por supuesto un archivo de colección.


El modelo del F-16 es cortesia de Animium. La pagina no especifica el nombre del artista.

El Modelo del Eurofighter Typhoon es cortesia jasonowen

Los modelos del F-18, F-22, Dassault Mirage 4000, Eurofighter Typhoon, Chengdu J10, Sheyang J15, MiG-19, MiG-31, y Su-27 son cortesia de 3dCadnav. Las paginas no especifican el nombre del artista.

Armas y accesorios:

El modelo del casco de piloto es cortesia de nathandavis

El modelo del AKS-74 es cortesia de azlyirnizam

El modelo del SPAS-12 es cortesia de ysup12

El modelo del KSR-29 es cortesia de 3dhaupt

El modelo del QBZ-95 es cortesia de Yuuka

Los modelos del M4, M16A2, y SL8 son cortesia de 3dCadnav. Las paginas no especifican el nombre del artista.

Aviso: Un montón de fotos. Tarda un rato en cargar.